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Thirty minutes a day to lose weight and improve the buttocks!

Don’t be too envious when you watch those Hollywood actresses with proud measurements and perfect bodies of the screen . The devil’s body is not a natural patent of celebrities . You can have a perfect body as long as you spend more time thinking about it . Today , the editor teaches you to use 30 minutes a day to do a series of additional actions , which can effectively tightens the buttocks and enhance the buttocks !

Small buttocks lift ten minutes before going out :

1 . Spread your feet shoulder-width apart , palms close to your hips , use the power of your palms to rub your hips , repeat 15 times . Last time for 20 seconds . Tighten the hips .

2 . Stand up straight with your back and feet . Support the front wall of your right hand and press your hips tightly with your left hand . While lifting the left foot backward , quickly apply force to the hip , and then slowly lower it . Perform the same action 10 times for each side .

3 . Shake the body to relax the muscles , move the muscles and bones of the whole body , swing the hands and feet to prevent the muscles from solidifying and becoming strong .

Ten-minute hip lifts exercise in the office :

Now start to adjust your seat until your hips are 1 to 2 inches above your knees . Then lean forward so that your chest is above your hips and clenched your shoulders blades so that your chest will have forward strength .

You can also choose to sit upright , with your feet flat on the floor . Lift one leg up so that it is parallel to the ground , then relax that foot for 5 seconds . Put it down slowly (return it to its original position in 5 seconds ) , then change the other leg and repeat this action .

Small exercises for hip lift ten minutes before bedtime :

1 . Lie on your stomach , hold your head with your hands bent , and straighten your toes .

2 . Push your hips , exhale and raise one foot as much as possible . Keep your feet straight and stand still for 1 second . Go back to action 1 , follow the same steps to raise the other foot . Do 15-20 times in a row alternately from left to right .

Reminder : If you want to lift your buttocks in one step , don’t force your hips to lift your feet , because this may cause low back pain and cannot achieve exercise effects . The abdominal muscles should be contracted while raising the leg . You must do exercise according to your ability , and you must not rush , otherwise it is easy to cause sports injuries , and you will be in danger of destroying your perfect body shape . So every girl must be kind to yourself and don’t be too forceful when exercising .

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