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Thin back yoga weight loss helps you beautify the back line

The figure of the waist and the back is very unsuitable for female friends , so a thin back has become the focus of weight loss . How to thin a back ? Maybe yoga can help you solve this problem . The editor below recommends the five-style thin back yoga , which is professional to help you beautify the back line and let you completely get rid of the troubles caused by the back . ” There are no ugly women , only lazy women ” can be applied to body-building practice . Let’s start now !

Lean back yoga action 1 : Push to pose

Function : Stretch the spine , strengthen the support of the abdominal external oblique muscles , and reduce back pressure .

Movement : Touch your knees on the ground , stretch your left foot of the left , and hold your hands in front of you . Inhale slowly , raise your hands , palms facing up . Exhale while tilting your body of the left , face upward and look upward . Try to stretch the external oblique muscles of the abdomen . still Breathe naturally 5 times . Return to a frontal position of  palms facing up . Then exhale while dumping to the right . does it 3 times with left and right interactions .

Lean back yoga action 2 : Recommended two poses

Function : Massage the shoulders and correct hunchback .

Movement : Hold your hands in front of you->inhale slowly , raise your hands , palms up , and press upwards (stretch both armpits as much as possible )-> exhales , tilt your hands back , push your chest forward->still , naturally Breathe 5 times – > inhale , return to the upward push – > still , breathe naturally 5 times . Repeat 3 times .

Thin back yoga action 3 : Cat pose

Function : The back becomes slender , and the back and shoulders are fully stretched , improving blood circulation , eliminating soreness and fatigue . The spine is properly stretched to increase flexibility .

Action essentials : raise your head , look forward , and stretch your back . Keep straight hands and feet parallel to the ground .

The actions are as follows :

  • 1 . Kneel on the ground , open your knees to the same width as your hips , keep your calves and instep close to the ground , with your feet facing the sky . Bend forward , straighten your back , and notice that your thighs are at right angles to your calves and torso so that your torso is parallel to the ground . Press the palms of your hands on the ground and place them in the middle of your shoulders . Your arms should be vertical , at right angles to the ground , and shoulder-width apart . Point your fingertips forward .
  • 2 . Inhale while slowly raising the pelvis and bending the waist slightly to form an arc . Look ahead , lower your shoulders , keep your cervical spine and spine in a straight line , and don’t raise your head too much .
  • 3 . Exhale while slowly arching your back upwards , driving your face downwards , and looking towards the thighs until you feel the back stretch . With breathing , repeat the above actions 6 to 10 times . Movement changes After completing step 3 , straighten your back again , and at the same time lift your right foot and push backwards until it is level with your back , push your feet straight , and stretch your left hand forward .

Thin back yoga action 4 : Strengthening

Function : Strengthen the spine , increase the strength of the waist and abdomen (a strong waist and abdomen can reduce the pressure on the spine ) .

Movement : Lie on your stomach , spread your arms in the same straight line with your shoulders . Touch the forehead . Inhale , slowly lift your head , hands , and feet off the ground , stay still , and breathe naturally (2 to 5 breaths according to your own situation ) . Exhale while slowly flattening the body of a controlled manner . Relax the back and body muscles and adjust breathing . Repeat the exercise 3 times .

The editor recommends a few thin back tips : drying clothes , thin back tips , and up and down stairs

Doing these exercises regularly is not only good for a thin back , but also good for the body and the spirit of the day . It helps to resolve irritability and everything .

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