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These constitutions must be thin with acupuncture to lose weight

As the weather gets warmer , the clothes you wear is decreasing , and the excess fat on your body becomes a burden that people want to rush away . Therefore , losing weight has become an urgent ” task ” after the Spring Festival . Among the many weight loss methods , acupuncture weight loss has become the preferred method of many people who love beauty with the advantages of less pain , no side effects , and no need for dieting . So , are all obese people suitable for weight loss with acupuncture ?

Obesity is generally divided into two types : pathological obesity and physiological obesity . Pathologically obese patients can be treated with acupuncture to improve the disease and achieve the purpose of weight loss . For physiological obesity , acupuncture and moxibustion weight loss methods are basically ineffective .

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The best effect of acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss is the obese adult . The most suitable age is between 20 and 40 years old . Especially for people with obesity in the abdomen , the meridian adjustment and acupuncture points acupuncture point is more effective against weight loss for those with abdominal fat accumulation . Secondly , for obese people with too heavy water in the body , acupuncture can diuretic and sweat to eliminate water and moisture The role of achieving weight loss ;

Some obese people have a strong hunger sensation due to excessive gastric acid secretion . They always have the urge to eat . This type of obese people are generally called ” stomach fire ” , and the function of acupuncture is to reduce the stomach of obese people . Fire reduces or suppresses the obese people’s increased appetite , thereby reducing food intake , avoiding overeating , and inhibiting their gastrointestinal digestibility and absorption function ;

While other obese people’s obesity is due to inertia constipation , acupuncture can achieve laxative effects ; there is obesity in menopausal women , women during this period due to less activity , endocrine disorders , if the diet is not strictly controlled , It is easy to accumulate fat and cause obesity . Acupuncture achieves weight loss by regulating body secretion .

It should be not that patients with the following conditions are not suitable for acupuncture to lose weight :

1 . Acupuncture is not suitable for weight loss during illness .

2 . People with bleeding-prone diseases such as hemophilia , people with impaired coagulation mechanism and anemia .

3 . The voluntary blood donation is less than one month .

4 . Suffering from skin disease .

5 . Poor heart function , such as patients with pacemakers .

Here is also a solemn reminder to prepare acupuncture to lose weight Weight loss and conditioning .

Related : In the process of acupuncture to lose weight , do not emphasize excessive control of diet , especially do not to advocate the adoption of hunger therapy . But the effect of acupuncture combined with diet is better , here is a reference acupuncture weight loss recipe for everyone :

Breakfast : a cup of white soybean milk (no sugar ) + a slice of whole wheat bread (or ) skim milk + egg white

Chinese food : one or two rice + a little vegetarian dishes (best boiled in clean water )

Dinner : 6 o’clock to eat . You can choose tomatoes , cucumbers , and salads .

The dinner time should be as early as possible , no more than 7pm . No food or water for 5 hours before going to bed .

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