Lose weight / Weight loss diet / There are tricks to lose weight by eating vegetarian food.

There are tricks to lose weight by eating vegetarian food.

Vegetarianism is a popular diet of urban white-collar workers . White-collar workers hope that vegetarian food can help the body’s acid-base balance , thereby making our body healthier and keeping ourselves in a slim figure . But here is a small series of medicine to remind everyone that there are many tricks to be vegetarian to lose weight . Only eating the right one can make you slimmer .

There are many reasons for obesity . In addition to differences in personal physique , diet is an important key . It is not directly related to vegetarianism and eating meat , but is related to the total calorie intake . If the calorie intake is high enough and too high , even if you eat a vegetarian diet , you may experience the ” fruits ” of ” vegetarian fat ” ; if you control your calories properly , you may not get fat even if you eat meat .

There are many different types and cooking methods of vegetarian food . There are various cooking methods such as deep-fried , sweet and sour , braised and honey sauce . Its calories are not lost to meat dishes , and it is not a high-fiber , low-calorie vegetarian food that the general public thinks .

Especially now , there is many vegetarians processed foods , most of which are not low in calories , and the cooking methods of high oil and sugar are often difficult to understand . Although vegetarians have fewer opportunities to consume saturated fatty acids and will not increase the accumulation of cholesterol , no matter animal oils , or vegetable oils such as salad oil , olive oil , palm oil , etc , 1 gram produces 9 calories . The calories are still obese . The main culprit . Therefore , cooking methods will be the biggest challenge to those who want to eat vegetarian food to lose weight .

In addition to controlling the total intake and changing the cooking method , the method of controlling calories is also helpful . For example , to increase satiety , you can choose high-fiber and low-calorie foods , such as : grains , cold weather , konjac , sugar-free love Foods such as jade , sugar-free grass , vegetables , etc , but remember to use low-sugar and low-oil conditioning methods . For example : Hantian pearl milk tea , Hantian is of course zero calories , but with high-calorie milk tea , it took a lot of effort .

Although fruits are rich in fiber , excessive intake can still cause excessive calories . People often think that no matter how much fruit you eat , you will not get fat . In fact , eating too much fruit may also be one of the reasons for weight gain . Therefore , the recommended amount of fruit intake is 2-4 servings per day , and 2 servings for diabetic patients . She also suggested that you can choose more larger tomatoes that are low-calorie vegetables for snacks , so as not to increase too much calories and make obesity reasonable .

But in addition to weight loss , vegetarians are prone to lack of nutrients such as vitamin B12 , vitamin D , calcium , and iron , which can easily lead to problems such as anemia and osteoporosis . People who eat vegetarian diets or long-term vegetarians can supplement these easily lacking nutrients from foods such as yeast , milk , soy milk , green vegetables , seaweed , and beans .

The safe range for weight loss are an average weight loss of 0.5 to 1 kg per week . Do not use drastic methods to achieve the effect of weight loss . The result of rapid weight loss may not only regain weight quickly , but also affect your own health . To cause adverse effects , a balanced diet of appropriate exercise is the only way to lose weight healthy .

The editor below recommends one-day vegetarian diet recipes for everyone ,  Let’s take a look .

Breakfast : a cup of soy milk , two slices of whole wheat bread , and 1 cucumber .

Remember , do not add sugar to soy milk . Sugar-free soy milk can suppress the production of fat .

Whole wheat bread refers to bread made with whole wheat flour without removing the outer bran and wheat germ . Most of the ingredients are cellulose , and contain some minerals and vitamins , especially B vitamins . From the perspective of weight loss , eating whole-wheat bread is better than ordinary bread , because whole-wheat bread with the same weight contains more cellulose than ordinary bread , and fiber is not absorbed by the human body , but can also increase satiety . Conducive to weight loss .

Cucumber as a side dish has a good taste , and the glycolic acid contained in it can inhibit the conversion to sugars into fat .

Chinese food : fermented bean curd and water spinach , mixed with tofu , vinegar cooked mung bean sprouts , 1 bowl of rice

The fermented bean curd and water spinach is very fragrant . It can definitely be served as / for food . It also clears away heat and detoxifies , treats constipation , and has low energy . No matter how you eat it , you won’t get fat .

Tofu is a high-nutrient , high-mineral , and low-fat weight-loss food . The rich protein is conducive to strengthening physical fitness and increasing satiety , which is conducive to the persistence of weight loss . It is especially suitable for people with simple obesity . Mixed with tofu and tomato , red and white , delicious and nutritious .

Bean sprouts to contain more water and less calories , and are not easy to form subcutaneous fat accumulation . Regular eating helps to lose weight .

Dinner : fried sihulu , tomato and winter melon soup , yuba mixed with cucumber , a small bowl of red bean porridge

Zucchini regulates human metabolism and has the effects of weight loss , anti-cancer and anti-cancer .

The heat of tomato and winter melon soup is only 8 calories ! Winter melon clears heat and diseurs water , strengthens the spleen and eliminates food , cools the blood and detoxifies , and inhibits many bacteria and fungi . The two things are cooked together to make a soup , and the drink is not only beneficial to water , but also has the effect of strengthening the spleen , especially suitable for treating spleen deficiency and swelling . The yuba mixed with cucumber is cool and tender , low-calorie filling , healthy and delicious .

Red bean porridge can actually be eaten for breakfast and dinner . Taking it for a long time can promote dampness , invigorate the spleen and lose weight .

In addition , try to develop the habit of not eating supper . Otherwise , no matter how light the day is , all previous efforts will be lost .

After eating a vegan detox meal for a day , gradually return to a normal diet . But you also have to eat skillfully , eat only seventy percent full of each meal . It is worth not that breakfast and evening meals . It is best to ensure a certain amount of high-quality protein intake such as milk , soy milk or eggs for breakfast . For dinner , eat less rice , pasta and oily foods , and eat more vegetables and fruits .

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