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The way to learn stars to lose weight lies in the morning

It is said that the one-year plan is in the spring and the one-day plan is in the morning . Then our sister’s plan to lose weight should start from the morning of the day . Many people think that not eating in the morning is bad at their health . In fact , it is not . During the first episode of the ” Encyclopedia ” of Hunan Station , I heard a doctor specializing in health and weight loss say : According to the person who studies longevity , I almost don’t eat breakfast , so now I will introduce you to the star morning weight loss plan that will not affect everyone’s health .

1 . Follow the film after Zhang Manyu lives a comfortable ” salty ” life

Zhang Manyu’s beauty and figure are recognized by the people of the world , and as she ages , she becomes more and more charming , without the spots of middle-aged women , small belly , and fat . The beauty’s solution is : The first thing every morning is to drink a glass of warm saline on an empty stomach . Don’t drink too fast or too anxious , just hold the cup and drank slowly and slowly , as long as you drink on an empty stomach after getting up .

Are there any side effects of drinking light saline on an empty stomach ?

In order to give everyone a guarantee , I checked a lot of information and came up with a statement : drinking salt water on an empty stomach will not have side effects . Because salt water can clear the intestines . Drinking a glass of light saline in the morning will help smooth stool , and the saline can protect the skin and make the skin better , the toxins are eliminated , the skin is good , and the meat will not be fat . So drinking light saline on an empty stomach will have no side effects . PS : It must be brackish water .

2 . Follow Jiao Taro not to eat meat

” Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf ” must have watched our lovely girls , I just like to watch ” Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf ” , So I have the urge to marry Gray Wolf . However , let me tell you first about the second plan for weight loss in the morning : get up in the morning and learn from Jiataro without eating meat and eating a banana .

Bananas are also used for luxation , and weight loss should pay attention to bowel cleansing and luxation , so bananas are an essential food . And bananas are easy to make you feel full , and you won’t feel hungry even if you don’t eat in the morning . Many cuties don’t eat anything to lose weight . They stare at Venus and can’t even do their jobs . This is not fat , and their jobs are lost .

In order to prevent everyone from eating bananas , I will feel that there is no appetite . I will introduce an invincible banana weight loss nutrition breakfast : banana oatmeal

This is an absolutely healthy and nutritious porridge , and it is very simple to make . First add enough water to cook the oatmeal , then put the banana into small pieces , put some goji berries , and then simmer for another five or six minutes .

3 . Drink milk with beauty king Xu Xiyuan

The efficacy of milk is even believed by beauty king Xu Xiyuan . Xu Xiyuan is a beauty that regards thinness as the king and white as white paper as target . Then she loves milk so much , there must be her reason . First , a glass of milk has very low calories , almost no excess calories that cause obesity , and the lower abdomen can make people feel full stomach , a sense of full happiness . Second , milk contains whitening substances , so the skin will be very white and tender when you drink milk often . The way to lose weight hungry , the effect is not good will also make the mood is bad , the skin is bad , so drinking milk to lose weight is a very considerate and happy way to lose weight .

As long as 1 , 2 , 3 in the morning , it’s hard to want more meat Following the stars , our plan to lose weight lie in the morning , nutrition and health , this is the king of weight loss .

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