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The truth! Unveiling 6 Insiders of Weight Loss Pills

According to a survey , 46% of the weight-lossers in Beijing , Shanghai , and Guangzhou will not consider consulting with experts , but choose to buy them in pharmacies or even supermarkets ; more than 40% of the weight-lossers do not understand that they are using or I have used weight loss drugs ; many people want to lose weight quickly within a month , and can ” eat a thin person in one breath ” . What about the fact ?

Misunderstanding 1 : diet pills is effective

Speaking , I really have to admire human imagination : the weight loss pills actually contain live tapeworm eggs ! After taking this medicine , the eggs enter the digestive tract , hatch the tapeworm , and constantly absorb the nutrients in the food , suppressing or even destroying the appetite-losing weight are very effective . But , how courageous it takes to coexist with insects all day and night ?

Slimming Fast Ways:

Then there is the weight loss medicine that takes ” metabolism ” as an example . In fact , there is only one safe and effective way to improve metabolism : physical exercise .

However , we always look forward to a more magical and effective way .

The United States has produced this ” improving metabolism , more fat burning ” diet pills-containing thyroxine or similar substances extracted from the animal body . Its characteristic is to accelerate the body’s metabolism until a disorder occurs . After taking the medicine , you will lose weight quickly in a very short time , and at the same time appear symptoms similar to hyperthyroidism : tremor in both hands , diarrhea , night sweats , fear of heat , rapid heartbeat , and protruding eyes .

Misunderstanding 2 : Lose weight

Successful weight loss Whether weight loss is the standard for most weight losses to measure whether weight loss is successful , but in fact , fat accumulation is the real reason . The weight scale obscured the fact that everything happened in the middle of stealing beams and changing columns .

Weight loss drugs containing ” diuretics ” transfer 70% of the body’s water from the body and quickly reduce weight . Weight loss drugs containing diarrhea such as rhubarb and senna are also based on this principle . However , these two types of drugs can only be fast . Once stopped , drinking water and eating , the weight rebounded like a broken bamboo .

Misunderstanding 3 : Natural is safe

Drugs and health care products are good . Once the ” pure natural ” trumps / trumped card is played , there will always be no disadvantages . Natural = safe ? actually not . No matter what raw materials are used , and regardless of the processing technology , once the medicine has the function of interfering with metabolism , affecting absorption and digestion , the effect is the same as that of chemicals .

Chinese herbal medicine ephedra belongs to ” natural ” , there have been many weight loss health foods used as additives . And what really works are ephedrine and pseudoephedrine contained in ephedra , use ** nervous system and thyroxine to suppress appetite , and also have quite serious side effects : hand and foot paralysis , increased blood pressure , mental Nervousness , panic , etc .

Misunderstanding 4 : Change products frequently for weight loss

According to a survey , more than 50% of people that lose weight will change weight loss drugs frequently in order to lose weight quickly . Some people use another product of a few days and feel that it is not effective . Two months .

Experts pointed out that in clinical practice , some obese people are often asked to quickly lose more than 10 kgs of body weight within 1 month . In fact , generally speaking , after 3 months of treatment , it is ideal to lose about 5% of body weight . Because weight loss is the result of a comprehensive effect and is a long-term process , weight loss products should be carried out at the same time as a reasonable diet , increased to exercise , etc , not fast . In addition , medical research shows that rapid weight loss in a short period of time is not conducive to health .

Misunderstanding 5 : Choose products to see ads

Many obese patients are accustomed to watching advertisements to buy products , no matter whether it is medicine or health food , whichever kind of product is advertised , choose which one is more , and do not see whether it is suitable for yourself .

Of the 5 obese patients randomly surveyed in the weight loss clinic , 4 said that they have used more than 3 weight loss products , and 1 of them can’t even remember which brands they have used . Few people can tell clearly whether they are taking medicine or health care products , not to mention the weight-loss effect of the product .

Expert guidance : Weight loss products on the market , there is medicines , food , and some are ” additive ” health products . It is dangerous to use blindly if you don’t know about weight loss products . Such as central nervous system weight loss pills , if patients suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure , accidents are likely to occur after eating .

Misunderstanding 6 : Blind without consulting a doctor

Weight loss It is understood that more than 90% of people do not consult a doctor when they lose weight for the first time , but claim to buy weight loss foods or medicines .

Expert guidance : Obesity is not only a problem affecting aesthetics , but also a chronic disease . People who really need to lose weight should go to a weight loss clinic in a big hospital . At present , some people that should lose weight do not reduce , but some people that should not lose weight use blindly weight loss products . This is very dangerous , and sometimes it can bring unexpected side effects . Therefore , if you want to lose weight , it is best to consult a doctor to see if it is necessary to lose weight and what way to lose weight .

Special reminder :

Unless it is a weight-loss medicine prescribed by a doctor , don’t eat it indiscriminately ;

Try not to take any medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding , including diet pills ;

Do not let children eat any diet pills or weight loss health products ;

Although there are standards for obesity , everyone’s psychological standards are different . Many people also consider taking weight loss pills simply to pursue slimness . In fact , for such people , the better way is to exercise and implement science under the guidance of a doctor . Diet , diet pills can only be an auxiliary method ;

If you need to take other medicines while taking diet pills , it is best to be able to consult a doctor ;

There is no food or medicine that can be used as a ” fat catalyst ” . If you see such an advertisement , the only correct way is to retreat . Only exercise can consume fat most effectively .

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