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Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / The slimming effect is super obvious. 8 aerobic weight loss exercises are recommended

The slimming effect is super obvious. 8 aerobic weight loss exercises are recommended

Many people choose the method of slimming for themselves , hoping that the effect of this method will be obvious after they use it . After all , subtraction or subtraction will have no effect , which really hurts people’s confidence in weight loss . Exercise is actually a good way to lose weight , but different sports have different weight loss effects , so today I will introduce 8 kinds of aerobic exercise with obvious weight loss effects .

This new method of body shaping can thoroughly fatigue your muscle by doing extremely slow controlled movements , thereby obtaining muscles that help you lose weight . Doing this high-intensity exercise requires a long period of muscle recovery , usually 3 to 7 days (a day of rest for ordinary strength training ) .

This time-saving exercise method can be done at home . Start doing it twice a week , and reduce it to once a week after 5 weeks . Don’t say that you don’t have time to exercise this time ! Weight loss exercises to burn fat completely

1 . Kiss pillow knee rest

Equipment : Pillow

Target function area : triceps and pectorals

Control the balance with both hands and knees on the ground , with arms straight . Your body should form a straight line of knees to shoulder . Place the pillow on the ground in front of your head .

Bend your elbows as slowly as possible and lower your torso until your mouth kisses the pillow . As time goes on , your prone rate should be slower and slower . Two local exercise weight-loss exercises

2 . Squatting against the wall

Equipment : two pillows

Target function areas : quadriceps

lean your body against the wall , with your feet apart and shoulder width apart , a big step away from the wall . Hold one pillow in your hands and the other pillow on the ground underneath . The upper body slides down the wall until your knee is bent at 90 degrees , perpendicular to the ankle . Then the pillow in the hand is supported behind the shoulder , the lower back is pressed for the wall , and the heel is pressed for the ground . Control the time as long as possible . When you feel that your back may not be able to touch the wall , your body slowly slides down the wall and sits on the pillow under you . For greater efficacy , you can increase the control time or hold a heavy object .

3 . Push the shoulder

equipment : chairs , dumbbells (mineral water bottles ) , pillows

Target function area : shoulder and triceps office lunch break weight loss exercise

sit on a chair and put the pillow behind your shoulders . The lower back is close to the chair , the elbows are bent , the dumbbell is raised to the shoulder height , and the palm is opposite . Push the arms forward and upward as slowly as possible . Slowly retract the arm of the starting position . Once you can push 8 times , you should increase the weight of the dumbbell or extend the time .

4 . Slow boat

Equipment : bench or coffee table , pillow

Target function area : back

Put your right leg knee on the pillow on the bench . Stand with your left leg straight , buttocks hips back , lay your right hand on a bench , hold a dumbbell in your left hand , and straighten your left arm perpendicular to the ground . Keep your back and neck parallel to the floor . Look down .

Slowly bends your left arm and lift the dumbbell under the armpit . Slowly lower the dumbbell , do as many times as possible , and then do it on the side . Once you can do 8 times for each side , you should increase the weight of the dumbbell or extend the time . Repair aerobics in perfect shapes .

5 . Lie on your back and raise your hips

Equipment : pillows , cushions

target effect areas : abdominal muscles

Lie on your back with your legs bent , your feet flat on the ground , your arms straight on both sides of the body , palms down , and your head resting on the pillow . Lower back close to the ground .

Lead both knees to the chest as slowly as possible , so that the hips are lifted off the ground . Then slowly return to the starting position . Complete as many repetitions as possible while keeping your back close to the ground .

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