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The relationship between L-carnitine side effects and brand, which brand of L-carnitine is good

Recently , I have found that many friends with me is using L-carnitine , and men account for a large part of the people who take L-carnitine . Today , I will come from the perspective of L-carnitine consumers Tell everyone is useful L-carnitine ? L-carnitine which brand is good ? L-carnitine side effects and other topics that everyone cares most about .

Is L-carnitine useful ? L-carnitine is like a delivery car in the human body . It transports the fat in the body of the mitochondria for burning . The long-chain fatty acid in fat is a substance that cannot penetrate the mitochondrial inner membrane freely (long-chain fatty acids are in the body ) . The accumulation will become fat ) , then L-carnitine is needed to help transport . So if you lack L-carnitine , even if you diet or exercise , you can’t consume the body fat . Is L-carnitine useful for men to lose weight ? Xiao Zheng , a friend of the editor of the L-carnitine diet website , told Xiaobian that he has been taking L-carnitine for three months . Now he has lost 10 pounds of body weight , and his body fat has become muscles . Young teens . Xiao Zheng also told the editor that L-carnitine can not only lose weight but also provide enough energy to relieve fatigue , but also keep the immune system strong , thus avoids some diseases .

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What is the side effects of L-carnitine ? Xiao Zheng said that the side effects of L-carnitine has a lot to do with the brand . The only side effect of genuine L-carnitine is that if it is taken too late at night , your energy may be too strong and may affect your sleep . But as long as you avoid taking it at night , you can avoid this side effect . In addition , some people take too much L-carnitine can cause mild diarrhea or dizziness and thirst . These symptoms will disappear without affecting your health . If the brand you buy is a small miscellaneous brand , then it is easy to buy fake and inferior weight loss products . These products are often ordinary weight loss pills . Although they also have weight loss effects , serious adverse reactions will occur after taking them . Therefore , the side effects of L-carnitine has a great relationship of the brand .

Which brands of L-carnitine is good ? According to the experience of my friends , I can refer to the official website of L-carnitine when choosing L-carnitine . The official website here is not the official website of a certain brand . It does not sell any products . It is a professional evaluation network of L-carnitine brand . There is a special topic on the official website about which brands of L-carnitine is good , and the side effects of L-carnitine can give you a more comprehensive understanding of L-carnitine . In addition , there is a list of weight loss drugs on the official website . The products of this list are the best weight loss products of Taobao , and they have regular changes , which allows you to more intuitively judges which L-carnitine is better .

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