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The reason why trying to lose weight has not been successful

All efforts will be rewarded , but weight loss can not make you easily . Many people have not only failed to achieve the relevant results after trying to lose weight , but may also be counterproductive . Why can’t you lose weight when you try to lose weight ? Here are some reasons why weight loss is unsuccessful , and examine whether you are in a similar environment .

1 . Too much effort to lose weight

In order to lose weight quickly , endure starvation to diet , and endure fatigue to exercise hard .

Weight loss is a gradual process . No one can stick to this extreme diet to lose weight . As long as you resume your diet , you will get fat or even lose weight . In addition , excessive exercise will increase the pressure in weight loss . Severe pressure will reduce the desire to exercise , and will eventually terminate the exercise . It is also not conducive to the continuity of weight loss . Excessive exercise is also not conducive to physical health and may cause muscle damage .

Therefore , weight loss should be adjusted a little bit according to your own situation . Don’t make excessive efforts and rushes , otherwise you will not be able to lose weight successfully .

2 . Follow too many food news

s The biggest obstacle to weight loss is appetite , which can instantly to destroy the fighting spirit of weight loss . Therefore , in addition to eating less and moving more , you must try your best to reduce your desire to eat . The common appetite-boosting factor of life is news about food .

If you have a variety of food apps on your phone , no matter how hard you try to lose weight , you will not succeed . Because the news of food will enhance the desire to eat , long-term in a high-intensity diet , it is inevitable that there will be no consequences of overeating and overeating , which is very unfavorable for weight loss and weight loss , and it is also the main reason for unsuccessful weight loss .

3 . No exercise at all when losing weight

Weight loss by restricting food alone is also the main factor leading to unsuccessful weight loss . Because restricting food and not exercising during weight loss can cause problems such as slower metabolism and lower muscle mass . Not only will it reduce the rate of fat burning , it will also make the body less lean .

Even if diet restriction can make you lose weight , it is also a slack figure . Not only does it not look good , but the basic metabolism will also slow down .

Therefore , if you want to lose weight successfully , you must ensure adequate exercise in the basis of food restriction .

The success of weight loss does not depend on how hard you usually work , but on choosing a method that can be carried out continuously and restrict food and exercise in a balanced way , so as to achieve the ultimate success .

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