Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / The older the woman, the easier it is for women to lose weight

The older the woman, the easier it is for women to lose weight

Health experts believe that women after the age of 35 should care more about the impact on health after the body gradually becomes fatter . Recently , Omron Health Care (China ) . Co , Ltd . has launched its latest two weight body fat measured devices , especially for women aged 35 to 45 years , providing a ” healthy body and beautiful body ” solution to help women say goodbye to their age The body is getting fat and increasing health risks .

The older you are , the easier women are to accumulate health risks

The older the , the easier women get fat , which has a lot to do with basal metabolism . Experts explain that basic metabolism refers to the energy consumption required to maintain human body temperature , breathing , heart and other life activities . The more vigorous the basic metabolism , the more able to maintain a fit body . Basal metabolism increases from increasing muscle mass and decreases from increasing age . A 20-year-old woman has a lot of muscle mass , strong basal metabolism , normal body fat , and a fit body ; after 35 years of age , muscle mass decreases , basal metabolism begins to decline , fat deposits on the abdomen and buttocks , and women are prone to small belly . At the same time , because the amount of muscle is greatly reduced , it is easier to gain weight when eating the same thing , and the ” fat ” phenomenon is very common .

Experts believe that women should not only care about the external troubles caused by age , but should also be concerned about the body signals issued by these heavy ” waistlines ” . Excess dangerous fat that is accumulating in the body will increase women’s hypertension , Risk of diabetes , hyperlipidemia and fatty liver .

Expert recommendation : Women over 35 years old should consider it from a health perspective when losing weight . While scientifically and moderately reducing fat , it is appropriate to increase some muscle mass to help women fights the decline in basal metabolism caused by age , keep the body energetic enough , and fight against various possible health risks . On the other hand , we should let weight loss persist in / with a long time , form a habit , and make the effect of healthy weight loss persistent .

Fat measurement by parts to create a shapely and healthy body

Experts pointed out that everyone’s obese parts are not the same . Some people have a small belly and a large waist , which is often called ” apple-type obesity .” . And some women have a lot of fat accumulation in the hips and thighs , that is , ” pear obesity .” . A small part of women’s fat is accumulated in the back and chest , that is , the trunk is thick and the arms and legs are thin . If you use the same weight loss method , you may lose an uneven shape , and the health risks to be solved have not been reduced at all .

According to experts , different parts of obesity have different health effects . Among them , the accumulation of fat on the waist and abdomen (waist circumference female ≥85cm ) is the most harmful to health . A large number of studies have shown that abdominal obesity is an important risk factor of chronic diseases such as hypertension , dyslipidemia , coronary heart disease , type 2 diabetes , and fatty liver . The thicker the waist , the higher the risk factor . Systemic obesity is also an important risk factor of type 2 diabetes and fatty liver .

Expert’s suggestion : Use more subtle parts to lose weight , according to the fat and muscle conditions of different parts of the body , personalized weight loss , which is more meaningful for reducing health risks . It is understood that the two body weights measuring devices of Omron listed in China this time has sub-position measurement function , which can measure the subcutaneous fat rate and muscle rates of the whole body , torso , upper limbs , lower limbs and other parts , according to different data , Apply different weight loss methods . Measurement by parts , fat reduction and body shaping by parts , to create a sexy woman with external concavity and convexity , internal health and relaxation .

Body index chart , ” urging ” myself to become more and more beautiful

Scientific , non-rebound weight loss is not a one-time job , you need to persevere . How to insist on losing weight is the biggest confusion for women . It is reported that Omron’s new weight and body fat measuring device has two special functions of ” comparing with the same age ” and ” body index chart ” , which will help women carry out ” beauty and health ” in the end . ” Comparison between the same age ” function , you can compare the average level of people with the same age and the same BMI value by recording the subcutaneous fat rate and muscle rates of the whole body and different parts to show whether their current status is higher , equivalent or lower than Average . The state of imaging can make women pay enough attention to make healthy weight loss a goal , which is the first step to promote women to start weight loss .

The ” Body Index Chart ” functions will allow women to always maintain enough confidence all the way forward , because this function will use the measurement data of the day as a benchmark to treat female users 1 day ago , 7 days ago , 30 days ago , 60 A few days ago , the measurement data 90 days ago was displayed in five stages in the form of a graph , reflecting the changes in subcutaneous fat rate and muscle rate in these days . Intuitive charts show that women can see the results of weight loss and feel the ” happiness ” that fat is decreasing and muscles are increasing . This special sense of accomplishment helps me continue to advance towards better results from / of beauty and health .

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