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The most suitable yoga slimming formula for women to lose weight

When women lose weight, the biggest problem is that it is easy to reduce their breasts. Today, the editor of the weight loss products list introduces the yoga slimming formula to everyone. It not only has a good weight loss effect and promotes blood circulation, it can help breast enlargement. Improve breast line, Toned chest. In addition, the use of yoga to lose weight also has the effect of beauty. It can be said that yoga is the most suitable method for women to lose weight.

The most suitable yoga exercises for women to lose weight and breast enlargement:

1. Standing action

  • 1. Preparation for mountain stance.
  • 2. Open your feet about one and a half times the width of your shoulders, turn your feet to the right; stretch your hands straight behind your back, expand your chest to push your chest forward, tilt your head back slightly, and open your throat.
  • 3. When exhaling, bend your upper body forward, and your hind legs bend slightly to protect your knees. Keep your chest pushed forward. Finally, imagine you want your face to touch your calves. Extend at the right time according to your own physical fitness. Don’t force your face to touch your knees too much to avoid straining the tendons of the hind legs.

2.Sitting action 1

  • 1. Sitting posture, just sit in the loose circle.
  • 2. Put your hands together in front of your chest, push each other hard to focus on the middle, and repeat about 15-20 times. This action can help us make our chest more concentrated and firmer.

3.Sitting action 2

  • 1. Bend your legs on the ground, sit on the hips and prepare for the heels.
  • 2. Put your hands back on the floor behind your hips. When you inhale, your chest should be raised, your chin raised, and your eyes will fall to the ceiling; your chest should be straightened to maintain natural breathing. Don’t hold your breath when leaning back, keep breathing as smooth as possible, and do well.
  • 3. Exhale, lift your hips off the ground, straighten your right hand and extend it back and upwards. You can slowly tilt your head back and look at the tip of your right finger. Keep your sideways in the same straight line as much as possible. After the end, lower your buttocks and sit back on the floor. After resting, practice the opposite side.

The most suitable yoga movements for women to lose weight and beauty:

  • 1. Push both sides of the nose with two middle fingers, and push up and down continuously;
  • 2. With the thumbs of both hands, press the temples on both sides, the other four fingers are brought together, and the left and right hands take turns scraping and pressing on the forehead;
  • 3. Like the third section of eye exercises, press temples and rounds to shave your eyes;
  • 4. Push the cheek skin with both hands in turn, the order is from bottom to top:
  • 5. Push the front neck skin from bottom to top with both hands in turn;
  • 6. Put your hands on the bottom of your temples, rub your ears back and forth with your middle finger, the order is alternating;
  • 7. End the action, rub your hands and put it on your face.

“Each movement is done 8-15 times, 5 minutes a day will benefit a lot.” Chen Qi said, “The movement must be light when massaging, just touch it lightly, otherwise it will stretch to tenderness. Facial skin, causing relaxation of facial muscles.”

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