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The most slender and nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal among the three meals a day , but many beauty lovers have changed the habit of eating breakfast in order to be greedy and beautiful . Can you really lose weight without eating breakfast ? No , not only will you not lose weight , it will also affect your health .

Recommendation of weight loss experts : Whenever you lose weight , don’t forgot to eat breakfast anytime and in all seasons , and meals should be rationed regularly , and breakfast should be eaten well . This weight-loss kitchen teaches you nutritious breakfast weight-loss recipe burrito , rich in protein , crude fiber and other nutrients to help you lose weight .

First . Weight loss principle of corn egg pancake

Diet   weighted loss three meals should be regular and quantitative , balanced nutrition . Corn and egg pancakes , made with flour and eggs as the main ingredients , and corn cereals , are simple and nutritious , making them a good breakfast weight loss recipe .

Corn and egg pancakes are rich in protein , starch , crude fiber , carbohydrates , carotene , calcium , phosphorus , iron , potassium and various amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body , which can promote digestion , help weight loss and detoxification .

Second . The method of corn egg pancake

1 . Preparation materials : half a corn , 3 eggs , 40g flour , a few grains of Dutch beans (or edamame ) .

2 . Taking grains : taking corn , taking Dutch beans (or edamame ) , boil them , remove them and drain them .

3 . Adjust the batter : add flour to the water and mix well , then add the eggs one by one and mix well . The batter should be thick , and flour or water may be added as appropriate .

Tips : Mix the water and flour first and then add the eggs one by one , this will make it easier to mix well .

4 . Add corn : add corn kernels and beans , add appropriate amount of sugar or salt and mix well .

5 . Pancake : Add a little oil to the pan , pour the batter , turn over and continue to fry until solidified .

6 . Do : Roll or cut the burrito for consumption .

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