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The most hit weight loss method , weight loss tea inventory

Healthy weight loss is now popular , so what is healthy weight loss ? No diet , no liposuction , or any unfavorable modifications to the body , easily lose excess body fat , this is healthy weight loss ! A cup of delicious and healthy tea anytime and anywhere is bound to be the first choice of healthy weight loss ! Below , the editor introduces you to a few easy-to-make weight loss teas that will make you lose weight unconsciously !

Corn slimming tea :

When you wake up every day , do you looks / looked pale or swollen ? Have you ever heard of corn tea in slimming tea ? You may have eaten corn , but you may not drink corn tea .

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

And you must wonder whether corn tea can really lose weight ? In fact , this is to use the diuretic effect of corn itself , because it can eliminate puffiness , so if you are prone to edema , you can drink more corn tea . What is easy about edema ? That is , when you wake up every day , you will feel a swollen feeling in your feet , face , and body , that is , your metabolism is not good enough , and that is the number of times you usually go to the toilet , which is less than the average person . You are the one that is prone to edema .

1 . Put aside the fresh maize one by one and pour into the pan to stir to fry .

2 . The fried corn kernels are crushed with a food processor or juicer .

3 . Before boiling 2l of hot water with a kettle , pour 50 to 100 grams of fried corn kernels and cook for about 10 minutes for hot and cold drinks !

This tea will not hurt the stomach , drink as much as you like . If you can’t find corn , use popcorn instead !

Material :

1 . Red dates 10 pieces

2 . Just a little rubbing of roses , about 3-4 flowers (it is best to buy already broken ones , it is better to brew out the flavor )

3 .10 grams of hawthorn (about 8-10 tablet’s )

4 .15-20 goji berries

5 . Lotus leaf powdered 25 grams , about three large rubs (if not powdered , you can use the whole lotus leaf )

6 . Half a lemon : it is not replaced by a quarter orange peel (10g )

7 .4-6 white chrysanthemums (a pinch refers to the amount of pinching with three fingers )

Method :

1 . Prepare 1800cc of cold water to combine red dates , roses , hawthorn , lotus leaf powder , and wolfberry . Chrysanthemums (these ingredients are all dried ) are put in and cooked together , and put on fire until it boils for about fifteen minutes .

2 . Then put the sliced ”lemons in , and turn off the flame for one minute . As long as the soup , the other can be dumped .

How to drink :

You can drink one or two cups a day at the beginning . You can use it as tea after your stomach is adjusted . When you are thin , you can lengthen the interval . You can drink it once or twice a week . The second tea have no effect , so be sure to drink the boiled first tea . The boiled soup is divided into three portions and consumed before three meals . It is best to drink on an empty stomach . You can also drink after a meal . If the soup is very thick , you can add water to dilute it , or you can boil it for two days at a time , put it in the refrigerator for spare , you can drink it both hot and colds , usually drink it for a month , there is no need to keep boiling , it is also very troublesome After stopping , as long as you pay attention to diet regulation , it will not rebound .

Cocaine is an odorless , bitter crystalline substance , soluble in water and alcohol . It can directly affect a person’s central nervous system and cardiovascular system . Because people vary greatly from person to person , the response is also different . In general , a small amount of cocaine intake can make you think of lizards , reduce fatigue , and concentrate more on work ; too much intake will cause side effects such as dizziness and rapid heartbeat . It is recommended that you drink 1 to 4 cups of coffee per day .

The best time for office coffee to lose weight

* Within 30 minutes to 1 hour after lunch , taste a cup of rich unsweetened and companion coffee , which will help digestion after meals and promote fat burning .

*Before got off work , drink another cup of coffee and walk .

Tips for slimming coffee

*Do not add sugar :

If you are not used to the bitter taste of coffee , you can add a little milk , but do not add sugar , because sugar will hinder the decomposition of fat .

*Hot coffee is more effective than ice coffee

hot coffee can help you burn calories faster .

* Light roasted coffee is the most effective

Coffee with high roasting temperature , although rich in taste , has less cocaine content , which is not conducive to weight loss , while the lighter taste of American coffee are more beneficial to weight loss .

Black coffee-the healthiest coffee

*Weight loss : Black coffee is a very healthy drink . A cup of 100 grams of black coffee has only 2.55 kilocalories . So a cup of black coffee after a meal can effectively break with / for fat .

*Diuresis .

*Promote cardiovascular circulation .

* For women , black coffee also has a beauty effect . Drinking it frequently can make you look radiant and radiant .

*Hypertension patients drink a cup of black coffee every day , can make the state better .

*In the process of making coffee at high temperature , it will also produce an antioxidant compound , which helps fight cancer , anti-aging , and even prevent cardiovascular disease , and can be comparable to fruits and vegetables .

lemons sold in supermarkets look very attractive , but many people do not know how to eat them well . Eat directly , the taste is sour and bitter ; and can not eat steak or grilled meat like foreign countries , you can drip lemon juice from time to time . In fact , they can be bought back and cut to pieces to soak in water , not only can fully absorb the nutrition , but also play a role in weight loss .

According to research , lemon is a fruit with extremely high nutritional and medicinal value . In addition to sugars , the most important nutrients include calcium , phosphorus , iron , vitamin b1 , vitamin b2 , vitamin c , and niacin . The taste is more sour and bitter than other citruses because the organic acid content is as high as 6.4% , which is more than ten times higher than that of oranges , oranges and other fruits . In addition , it is also rich in nutrients such as flavonoids , volatile oil and hesperidium . Chinese medicine believes that lemon has the effect of ” relieving thirst , relieving thirst , relieving stomach , reducing phlegm and relieving cough ” . When your stomach is disturbed or you feel nausea and don’t want to eat , eating lemon can play a certain role in relief .

Modern nutrition believes that lemon has high medicinal value . For women that love beauty , it is first and foremost a very effective diet food . Drinking fresh lemon-soaked water after a meal is very helpful for digestion . However , people with excessive stomach acid should not drink it .

Secondly , lemon has the effect of preventing and reducing diabetes complications . This is mainly because it contains a special ingredient holy grass citrin . Experiments show that it can greatly reduce the content of hyper acidified fat in the liver , kidney and blood of diabetic patients . Lemon is also a food for preventing cardiovascular disease . Patients with hypertension and myocardial infarction often drink lemon drink , which is of great benefit of improving symptoms .

In the eating method , cut the lemon into a thin slice and soak in the water , there will be a faint fragrance , which will refresh the spirit . If you are interested , you can also learn English , and add two or three slices of lemon when drinking black tea , which can make the tea more aromatic . In addition , lemonade can be placed in various beverages such as soda , and even used to make lemon curd , it is also a healthy and delicious way to eat .

Belly Reduction Tea

The gospel of the little ” belly ” wives : Drinking tea can effectively prevent obesity , and in particular has a wonderful effect on abdominal fat reduction ! Come and learn about the most classic and effective weight loss tea !

Tea contains a lot of dietary fiber , and dietary fiber can not be digested , stay in the belly for a long time , you will feel full . More importantly , it can also burn fat , the key to this role is vitamin b1 . The rich vitamin b1 in tea is necessary to burn fat and convert it into heat .

1 . Black tea :

Can inhibit fat accumulation in lower abdomen . Speaking of obesity , people immediately think of belly fat , and black tea has a significant effect on suppressing the increase in belly fat . Black tea is made by fermentation of Aspergillus nigger , as the name suggests , it is black . During fermentation , a Punoir component is produced , which prevents fat accumulation . Want to use black tea to lose weight , it is best to drink strong tea just brewed . In addition , you should drink 1.5 liters a day , drink a glass before and after meals , and stick to it for a long time .

2 . Jim Naima Tea :

Effectively inhibits sugar absorption . Jim Naima’s nickname is also called ” sugar killing ” . After chewing its leaves , you can eat sugar , there will be no sweet feeling in your mouth , the intake is naturally greatly reduced , the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates is reduced , . So it is converted into The amount of fat is relatively reduced . Jim Naima tea is not only effective against preventing and improving obesity , but also has an adjuvant effect on diabetes .

3 . Lotus leaf tea :

An ancient secret of weight loss is a drink made of lotus flowers , leaves and fruits . It not only refreshes , but also improves complexion and reduces weight . Taking full advantage of lotus leaf tea to lose weight requires some tips . First , it must be strong tea , and the second is not good . The second is to drink it 6 times a day . People with signs of constipation can drink 4 sachets a day and drink it in 4 times to make the stool smooth and more beneficial for weight loss . The third best is to drink on an empty stomach . The advantage is that there is no need to diet . After drinking lotus leaf tea for a period of time , the hobby of food will naturally change , and it becomes unfavorable to eat greasy food .

4 . Oolong tea :

Burnable body fat Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains almost no vitamin c , but is rich in iron , calcium and other minerals , and contains ingredients that promote digestive enzymes and break with fat . Drinking a cup of oolong tea before and after a meal can promote the decomposition of fat , so that it is directly excreted from the body of being absorbed by the body , preventing obesity caused by excessive fat intake .

5 . Eucommia tea :

can reduce neutral fat . Because the ingredients contained in Eucommia can promote metabolism and calorie consumption , and reduce weight . In addition , it also has the effect of preventing aging and strengthening the body .

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