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The left-hand official website explains the relationship between the brand of diet pills and the side effects

Is there a relationship between L-carnitine brand and side effects ? L-carnitine which brand is good ? If you have these questions before purchasing L-carnitine , the editor recommends that you can refer to the official website of L-carnitine . The official website are a website specializing in the evaluation of L-carnitine products , from L-carnitine brand , weight loss effect , cost performance , word of mouth , etc . To evaluate the major L-carnitine brand products on the market , the list of weight loss drugs is very worthy of reference .

About the relationship between L-carnitine brand and side effects , we can find the answer to the topic of ” L-Carnitine Side Effects ” on the official website . L-carnitine L-carnitine is a kind of amino acid in the human body . The reason why L-carnitine can decompose fat in the muscles of weight-loss people is that L-carnitine is an important substance for oxidative decomposition of fat . It is like a transport vehicle that can transport some fatty acids that can never reach mitochondria to mitochondria for oxidation . Decomposition (mitochondria is the place where the body burns fat ) , If L-carnitine is lacking , certain medium and long fatty acids will never be able to penetrate the barrier of certain cell membranes , and will never accumulate in the body to be decomposed . Therefore , L-carnitine is an essential substance in our body and has no side effects .

Why does many media now frequently reports that some people has serious adverse reactions after taking L-carnitine weight loss products . Is this caused by the side effects of L-carnitine ? In the early days , many scientists were devoted to the research of L-carnitine and did many safety tests to prove that supplementing L-carnitine is safe , and taking L-carnitine is well tolerated .

According to reports , during the high-dose treatment of 15g/day , almost no side effects occurred . And in 1993 , the U#S# Food and Drug Administration’s National Committee considered that L-carnitine was ” recognized as safe and non-toxic .” . In 1994 , the German Ministry of Health stipulated that the amount of L-carnitine used does not require an upper limit . Therefore , people that lose weight after taking L-carnitine products actually buy counterfeit L-carnitine . These counterfeit L-carnitines are generally miscellaneous brands of L-carnitine produced by small manufacturers . If you want to judge which brands of L-carnitine is good , you need to recognize the brand to buy genuine L-carnitine .

Which brands of L-carnitine is good ? First of all , we have to see whether these products have been approved by the national SFDA . For the approved products , we will review whether they have been exposed to quality problems . The drug regulatory department recently conducted a random inspection of more than 10 ” L-carnitine ” products . Prohibited ingredients were detected in ” L-carnitine ” health food . The label names of these products are : Oluna , Youth Leader , Qian Jia Li , Zhengge , and light posture . You need to pay attention when buying . In addition , you can refer to the weight loss drug ranking on the official website . Any brand that has not been approved by the state will definitely not be on the list . That is to say , the brands you know from the L-carnitine official website weight loss drug ranking are all national names . , Without the invasion of small miscellaneous brands , you can buy with confidence .

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