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The harm of slimming tea

Weight loss has become a problem of more and more people . The method of losing weight is also strange . Among them is the method of drinking slimming tea . This method is very popular with female friends . Some slimming teas on the market often claim to have to wonder effects . Many The advertisement for slimming tea also exaggerates that drinking a few months can make you slim . So can the weight loss tea on the market really loses weight ? How much do you know about the dangers of weight loss tea ?

Can’t lose weight only by slimming tea

The ultimate goal of weight loss is to reduce body fat . The weight loss tea enters people’s body mainly through drinking , and cannot lose body fat . Some people will say that they have really lost weight after drinking slimming tea . In fact , the reason why slimming tea can reduce the weight of the body is because most of the slimming tea contains substances that help digestion and help defecation . This is also the reason why many people drink the slimming tea . There are reasons for diarrhea . However , using this method to lose weight , excessive excretion will take away a lot of water from the body , long-term drinking is not good for the body .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Therefore , weight loss tea alone cannot to lose weight , otherwise there will not be so many fat people in the world . People who maintain a good figure are obtained through a healthy diet , good habits and persevering exercise , rather than relying on the help of slimming tea .

Slimming tea has a certain auxiliary effect on weight loss

Do you have to drink slimming tea ? In fact , it is not . Choosing some healthy tea drinks has a certain auxiliary effect on weight loss . Some slimming teas contain dietary fiber , which can make people feel full , and the vitamin B1 helps burn fat . Common effective weight loss teas include oolong tea , black tea , lotus leaf tea , etc . These teas are semi-fermented teas that can help to consume body fat , and also contain calcium , iron and other minerals can effectively promote the production and decomposition of digestive enzymes The composition of fat . Black tea fermented by Aspergillus nigger can also suppress the accumulation of belly fat . Lotus leaf tea is made from lotus leaf , which is helpful for weight loss , refreshing and improving the complexion .

The harm to abusing slimming tea

Slimming tea is easy to cause low blood country

Many weight loss teas have diuretic ingredients to reduce weight by diuretic . Once you stop drinking this slimming tea and restore the amount of water you drink , your weight will soon return to the level it was before you lost weight . Drinking this slimming tea with diuretic effect of a long time will lead to disorder of the body’s drainage system , leading to a large amount of dehydration . It will also lead to disturbance of electrolyte metabolism in the body and prone to hypotension .

Slimming tea will hinder the body’s nutrient absorption

The principle of some slimming teas is to hinder the absorption of carbohydrates . However , carbohydrates are indispensable nutrients for the human body . Short-term deficiency is not a big problem . If it is lacking for a long time , it will lead to the disorder of human metabolism and the normal breakdown of fats will also be hindered .

Fat tea will lead to human nutrition is not meat

Some slimming teas can suppress people’s appetite and reduce food intake , so slimming teas have a certain effect in the early stages of use , but this will cause people to suffer from malnutrition and poor appetite for a long time , and many nutrients necessary for the human body None of the elements can be ingested , resulting in damage to human health .

Slimming tea can easily cause heart disease

Some slimming teas increase the heart rate and blood pressure of the body in order to improve the body’s metabolism , which is actually very harmful to the body . Although this method can consume more calories and play a certain role in reducing fat , it will cause great harms to the heart . Long-term drinking will seriously affect people’s health .

Slimming tea is a Chinese herbal medicine

There are also some slimming teas , the ingredients of which are mostly the leaves of herbs . Many of these plants are cold . Although they have certain help for weight loss , long-term drinking is easy to cause cold physique . This is very harmful to women . big

Slimming tea to lose weight through the abdomen

Long-term diarrhea will cause great damages to the human intestines and stomach . Diarrhea will also affect people’s absorption of nutrients in food , and it will also lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction and various symptoms and problems .

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