Lose weight / Weight loss diet / The food is cleverly matched to lose weight to eat a good figure and a good complexion

The food is cleverly matched to lose weight to eat a good figure and a good complexion

Many girls use diet to lose weight . In the end , the whole person becomes glamorous due to malnutrition . Today , I will teach you how to match food ingeniously to not only eating a good figure , but also have a good look .

1 . Spinach + sesame

Spinach can promote sexual function , help muscle growth , strengthen heart health and bone growth , and at the same time improve eyesight and vision . Eat more vegetables to get rid of obesity . Spinach is also rich in frolic acid , which can help the body reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke and lower fat .

In addition , spinach is also rich in lutein , a compound that can fight the human body’s degeneration caused by age . Nutritionist suggestion : Spinach can be added to salads or fried with eggs .

Recommendation-Spinach with sesame seeds : Pour the spinach into a pot of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes . After controlling the moisture , stir in 1 spoon of soy sauce , 1 spoon of cooked sesame , a little minced garlic , salt , and chicken essence .

2 . Seafood + vegetables

We all know that vegetables are rich in minerals , vitamins , and fiber , which are all nutrients that meat cannot provide ; while seafood such as shrimp , crab , and shellfish is also low in calories and rich in various vitamins and Mineral food .

Therefore , the combination of the two can be said to be the most ideal-no fat , natural green nutrition . More importantly , the current season are when a large number of seafoods and vegetables are on the market . The rich and high-quality raw materials , coupled with a little ingenuity , will surely make your slimming dishes win the whole family .

3 . Yogurt + fruit

Yogurt is the best food to fight cancer . It also has many benefits such as strengthening bones and improving immunity . Nutritionist suggestion : yogurt with blueberries , walnuts and honey is the best breakfast or snack . Recommendation-yogurt drink : Put strawberries (other fruits are also available ) into a juice machine to make juice , and then mix with yogurt to drink evenly . Strawberry yogurt can reduce edema and beautify .

The editor below will introduce you a weight loss recipe for seafood and vegetables . If you like , you can try the following :

4 . Fried asparagus with seafood

Ingredients : half a catty of asparagus , 20 clams , a little squid

Seasoning : 1/2 tbsp minced garlic , 1/3 tbsp sugar , 1.5 tsp salt , 1/3 cup water , 2 tsp sesame oil

Method : Soak the clams in clean water for half a day and spit sand , then wash and set aside ; wash asparagus and cut into sections for use ; cut squid into small pieces for use .

After the pot is heated , add a little salad oil , and sate the minced garlic over medium heat until it has a fragrance . After changing to high heat , sate the asparagus for 10 seconds , then add sugar , salt , clams , and squid in sequence , and simmer in a pot of water for about 10 seconds . When the squid is fully cooked and the clam shells are fully opened , top with sesame oil , stir-fry twice and serve .

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