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The fastest way to thin arms

Although our arms are more active in daily life , we are doing some exercises all day long , but we can rarely exercise the muscles on the inside of the arms , because almost all arm movements do not exercise To the inner muscles , so over time the fat inside our arms will easily accumulate and become ugly unicorn arms or butterfly arms . It is also very ugly to wear clothes , especially in the summer without clothes . The fat is full , there is no beauty at all , so what is a good way to thin your arms ? What are the fastest ways to thin arms ? Here we take a look .

The fastest way to thin arms

1 . We can use dumbbells or a water bottle filled with water and sand to exercise our arms , hold a dumbbell in each hand to maintain balance , and then straighten our hands from front to back and then straighten back , but we are doing When doing this action , we must remember that our arms should be close to our ears . Finally , we should slowly lower it forward . Generally speaking , this action can be repeated about 15 times at a time . The best thing is that when you do this set of movements , there will be a little soreness on the arm , which means that the exercise is in place .

2 . In addition to the above movements , we can also learn another thin arm movement . First of all , we must first stand well , to stand up chest and abdomen , and to keep the body upright , the feet are best Standing shoulder-width apart , our palms should be straightened to the outside and the body should not move at the same time , using the strength of the arm to do the inward and outward circular movements , it is best to do one at a time This is a group of 30 times . Make 15 minutes a day . So you can see it for a month or so .

The fastest way to eat thin arms

Thin arms not only need to do some sports specifically for arm weight loss , we also need to adjust the diet , eat more foods that are conducive to weight loss , after all , fat is eaten , . So we will adjust our diet properly Let fat reduces by eating . In daily life , we should eat more fresher vegetables and fruits . Of course , cereals are also very good weight loss foods , and they can also replace staple foods to supplement our nutrition , but to ensure that we will not consume too much fat and calories . , Garlic contains very rich nutrients , among which sulfur is a relatively common ingredient in garlic . This substance can reduce the cholesterol in our body and has a good effect on weight loss . At the same time , oats is rich in linoleic acid . This substance is It can prevent our atherosclerosis , so eating more of these foods in our daily diet can help us maintain health and also play a role in weight loss .

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