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The difference between thread embedding and acupuncture for weight loss

1 . It is embedded in acupuncture points and serves the purpose of long-term massaging of acupuncture points . It has a longer weight loss time than traditional acupuncture and moxibustion , and the effect is better .

2. Traditional acupuncture needs to do acupuncture every day, so patients usually have difficulty in sticking to the course of treatment due to many reasons of work and life, but embedding the thread to lose weight, embedding the thread once, the point massage time is about half a month, saving the patient’s time, Improve the treatment effect.

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3. The biggest advantage of acupoint embedding for weight loss is that it has no side effects, guarantees human health and energy during weight loss, and has a very low rebound rate; at the same time, it can also treat some diseases that accompany obesity, such as acne, fatigue syndrome, constipation, and menstruation. Disorders (too long menstrual cycle, too little menstrual flow or amenorrhea), decreased sexual function (female coldness, male impotence, premature ejaculation), high blood pressure, high blood fat, fatty liver, etc. The “protein thread” used for weight loss by embedding is not a common sheep intestine thread, but a medical protein thread made of traditional Chinese medicine and used for weight loss albumin substances. The protein thread can be directly embedded under the skin, there is no broken mouth on the surface, no pain and itching, and deep touch can feel a hard pressure.

Another very important issue related to the effect of embedding weight loss is to prevent infection from spreading diseases. Embedding thread at acupoints is a kind of treatment that invades the human body. After the steel needle is inserted into the acupuncture point, it is easy to break the blood vessels. If the needle is not repeatedly used for disinfection, it is easy to spread blood infectious diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis B. It is recommended to choose a sterile acupuncture point embedding package, which includes: plastic tray, cushion cloth, special Chinese herbal medicine soaked sheep intestinal thread, imported thread embedding needle, scissors, tweezers, gloves, mask, sealing sleeve and so on.

Embedded weight loss needs attention:

1. Strictly operate aseptically to prevent infection. The number one bowel should be buried under the skin to a certain depth.

2. Choose the angle and depth of the embedding thread according to different parts to prevent injury to the internal organs, spinal cord, large blood vessels and nerves, so as not to cause adverse consequences.

3. The same acupoint cannot be used repeatedly during treatment.

4. Do not take a bath on the day of embedding.

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