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The best way to lose weight for muscular cuties!

Muscular beauties generally have more body muscles and more fat . Generally speaking , they look fleshy , especially the thighs , which are very thick and a lot of meat . Obesity is concentrated on the waist and legs , there are many fats on the waist , and the thighs are relatively strong . So how should muscular physique lose weight ? Today I will introduce you the best way to lose weight for muscular eyebrows . Let’s take a look !

Muscular physique diets ways to lose weight :

1 . Control the total energy .

Daily negative energy (less than actual energy required ) 125-250kcal , 0.5-1kg per month can be reduced .

2 . Control carbohydrates .

Daily intake of carbohydrates should not be less than 50-100g , and you should insist on eating polysaccharide meals with high dietary fiber , such as vegetables ; do not eat some monosaccharide and disaccharide foods that are quickly absorbed and contain no other nutrients , such as glucose . Sucrose (white sugar . brown sugar . granulate sugar ) . Lactose

3 . Ensure the supply of protein .

Daily intake should be 0.8-1.5g per kilogram of body weight . Under the condition of strict control of energy , excessive intake of protein can cause damage to liver and kidney function , so the intake should not be too high .

4 . Strictly limit fat intake .

Daily intake should account for 20%-30% of the total , and try to use vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids . Animal oils with high saturated fatty acid content are prohibited . The supply of dietary cholesterol should also be controlled below 300mg per day .

5 . Combine with sports .

Increasing the amount of exercise can increase energy consumption , and you can do some exercises that will not affect the line , such as brisk walking . Climbing stairs .

Ways to lose weight with muscular beauty exercise :

1 . Method-Shebin

Shaping originated from the English SHAPING , means physical sculpture . The biggest feature is to make different designs for each person’s bone structure type as the standard . Only by designing a plan combined with technology , nutritious meals and exercise can better sculpt the curve of the body . Suitable for soft body training for women with a strong body .

2 . Method-Pilates

Combining the popular Pilates of the East and the West , it is mainly static stretching . While adjusting the breathing , the stretching of the core part (waist , abdomen , back , chest ) and the fortitude of the West are combined to make the body one Become soft and tough . The lumpy muscles are stretched , and the changes in shape are obvious . The pressure on the neck and spinal cord of office workers can also be well relieved .

3 . Method-Tai Chi

Speaking of slow Chinese quintessence Tai CHi , most people treat it as a kind of leisure for middle-aged and elderly people . But in the latest report on the United States , it is pointed out that Tai Chi movements can consume 280 calories per hour , making the laziest beauty choose Tai Chi as a benchmark for fashion weight loss . Slow movements and solid horse-stepping make the body shaping effect of Tai Chi not to be underestimated .

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