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The best way to lose weight for a 30-year-old busy woman

30 years old are a turning point for women . It is said that the appearance before 30 is born , and the appearance after 30 is shaped by the day after tomorrow . But now many urban women are not only busy with work , but also take care of their families and children . I don’t have time to take care of myself , and my body is gradually out of shape . Today I will introduce a few weight loss strategies that are the most suitable for busy women . It turns out that weight loss is that simple .

01 . Use office chairs to exercise weight loss

As long as you have time , you can do the following actions :

  • 1 . Sit your upper body upright on the chair of your arms hanging down . The head was tilted back , left and right , and then turned from right to leave for one turn , and then turned in the opposite direction for the second time , three times each .
  • 2 . Extend your arms of your body , cross your fingers , and extend your palms outwards . Extend your chest as far as possible . Keep this position of  three to five seconds .
  • 3 . Support your hands on the edge of the table . Keep your legs close together and straighten your body . The whole body forms an oblique angle with the table top . The arms are bent and extended to lower and prop up the body , and hold for 15-20 times .

02 . Digestive cake to lose weight

Basically , three digestive cakes are 100 calories . I heard that Jolin Tsai used this method to lose weight . I suggest you eat two pieces of whole-wheat toast and one portion of fruit in the morning . Eat three biscuits and a bottle of milk or yogurt at noon . Dinner should be light , and you can eat more protein , such as tofu . Because when you rest and sleep at night , your body happens to be repairing your internal tissues , and protein is used , . So you don’t have to worry about getting fat !

03 . Porridge to lose weight

This is great ! It won’t make you eat too much starch , but drinking rice porridge can make you feel full ! You can mix some vegetables and tofu , women remember to eat more . Because legumes can prevent breast cancer .

04 . Blow a balloon to lose weight

You only need to spend a little money to buy balloons , and then blow 10 balloons every day . Cool This way is unexpected . I heard it come from Japan . So , if you are too lazy to eat weight-loss meals , too lazy to eat weight-loss meals , too lazy to do some annoying weight-loss exercises every day . It’s just right for you , and you can tie the inflated balloon to your lap to play the game of steppe on the balloon .

05 . Drink tea to lose weight

The results of a series of recent experiments in Japan show that some teas can effectively prevent obesity . Tea contains a lot of dietary fiber , and dietary fiber cannot be digested . If it stays in the abdomen for a long time , it will feel full . More importantly , it can burn fat . The key to this effect is vitamin B1 . The vitamin B1 rich in tea is necessary to fully burn fat and convert it into heat . Homemade slimming tea makes you lose weight while working .

06 . Climb stairs to lose weight :

Stair climbing is several times larger than walking or running on flat ground . It has both running and jumping skills , and it also has the effect of anti-earth magnetic force . Therefore , climbing stairs can not only increase the range of hip joint activity , but also The elasticity of the ligaments and tendons of the lower limb muscles can be exercised to achieve the effect of strengthening the muscles and bones .

According to the measurement , a person consumes 100 kcal/hours in meditation , 200 kcal/hours for walking , 550 kcal/hour for swimming , and 1000 kcal/hour for running and steppe . Consumption can be a ” magic bullet ” for weight loss and bodybuilding .

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