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The basic movements towards aerobic boxing

What is aerobic boxing ? was first created by a black fighting world champion . The specific form is a combination of boxing , karate , taekwondo , kung fu and some dance moves . In the intense music , some boxing and taekwondo basic boxing and leg methods are performed Exercise .

What is the health benefits of aerobic boxing ?

aerobic boxing can increase muscle strength , elasticity and body flexibility .

aerobic boxing exercises to use long-term , low-intensity exercise , which belongs to aerobic fat-consuming exercise . Its main energy comes from energy substances such as sugar and fat in the body . The large amount of waist rotation and abdomen contraction in aerobic boxing exercises make the exerciser’s abdomen become strong and flat , and no longer allow excess fat to accumulate on the waist and abdomen .

Comprehensive basic movements towards aerobic boxing .

1 . Basic stance

The basic standing posture of aerobic boxing comes from the defensive posture of the fighting item . It is generally divided into two kinds of frontal posture and side standing posture , namely defensive posture and fighting posture .

(1 ) . Frontal stance (defense posture ) : legs are parallel , open , slightly bent knees , stand up

waist , shoulders parallel , sagging relaxed , arms flexed to the chest , forearms perpendicular to the ground , two fists placed on the lower jaw , body center of gravity between the legs .

(2 ) . Lateral standing posture (fighting posture ) : legs are separated from front to back , knees are slightly bent , the outside of the hind legs is 45 ? , the legs is buckled inside , the body is facing forward , the center of gravity is between the legs , and the arm posture is the same as the front posture .

Practice steps : First perform standing posture exercises to help the practitioner learn to control the center of gravity of his body and gradually learn to move the center of gravity . After proficiency , he can coordinate with various steps to shift the center of gravity in time to improve the flexibility and stability of the body .

2 . Basic boxing

boxing techniques mainly refer to the movement characteristics of boxing . The correct method of making a fist is to put four fingers together , curl inward , and buckle your thumb inward at the second knuckle of other fingers . The main boxing methods include straight boxing , jab boxing , swing boxing , hook boxing , and block boxing . Boxing usually starts with a fighting stance .

Essentials of Action : Coordinate and exert force when punching . The correct order for force is to use the axis of the body as the point of force , which is transmitted to the shoulders and hips , and drives the fist . The action must be fast and powerful .

(1 ) . Straight boxing : Straight boxing is the most commonly used and basic boxing method in aerobic boxing . When punching , punching the ground , turning the waist , down the shoulder , shaking the arm , and punching , the force broke out , all in one go . The other arm dangled elbow , slightly raised , placed on the side of the lower jaw , into a self-care posture . It is generally divided into straight fist and straight fist .

(2 ) . Jab : The punching is similar to the straight punch , and it is a kind of fast punch trick derived from the straight punch . The movement is brisk , the arm is not fully straightened when the fist is punched , the fist is closed smoothly , and the upper body and hips move very little . Divided into forehand jab and back hand jab .

(3 ) . Swing fist : The left foot kicks the floor , the center of gravity moves to the right foot , twists the waist to the left , and the right arm lifts the elbow from the bottom of , the elbow joint flexion is greater than 90 ? Less than 180 ? , right arm Swing to the left from the outer arc to the centerline of the body . Divided into front-hand swing and back-hand swing .

(4 ) . Uppercut : Uppercut is a form of punching with arms bent . When making a fist , make full use of the combined force of turning the waist , twisting the hips , and swinging the arm . When making the fist , the knee should be buckled inward , the sole of the foot should support the force , and the other hand should maintain the protective posture . It is divided into forehand flat hook , backhand flat hook , frontend hook and backhand dagger .

(5 ) . Flip-back fist : Flip-back fist is a fast boxing method of the back of the fist as the strength point . The sole of the foot kicks the floor , the upper body turns slightly , and the elbow joint is the axis .

(6 ) . Hammer fist : The fist is slightly externally lifted and lifted , and it is slashed downward at a semi-arc from top to bottom .

3 . Basic elbow method

aerobic elbow method is a form of arm flexion , that is , the elbow tip formed by the flexion arm as the final force point . The power of the elbow method is mainly to use the twist of the waist and the swing of the shoulders , especially the power of the shoulder joint , to quickly and briefly swing the elbow joint , the force is at the tip of the elbow .

(1 ) . Elbow lift : The elbow joint is raised from the bottom of , from the front of the body , the fist heart is downward , and the tip of the elbow is stressed .

(2 ) . Elbow lift : twist the waist and turn , the elbow joint is lifted up from the bottom of the straight line , and the toes are pushed up to the waist .

(3 ) . Elbow smashing : The elbow joint is lifted and smashed in an oblique direction from top to bottom .

(4 ) . Elbow sinking : the body sinks , lifts the elbow , and the elbow is drawn out from the top down .

4 . Block

block action mainly comes from Taekwondo exercise , it is a kind of self-protection measures taken in the face of attack .

(1 ) . Upper block : arm defense from the bottom of , the arm is about one punch away from the forehead .

(2 ) . Lower block : The arm is defended from top to bottom , the arm and the body are in a line , and the hand is about 20cm away from the thigh .

(3 ) . Inner block : The arm is defended from against to inside , the back of the fist is facing forward , and the fist is facing you .

(4 ) . Outer block : The arm blocks of the inside to the outside , stops on the shoulder side , and has the same forehead height .

(5 ) . Cross defense : hands and wrists are defended from bottom to top , with both hands about a punch away from the front .

(6 ) . Cross-bottom defense : Cross your hands and wrists from top to bottom and place your hands 10-15 cm in front of your lower abdomen .

5 . Basic leg method (also called foot method )

The leg movements towards aerobic boxing are mainly based on some basic movements towards free boxing . In the leg method , the stability of the main leg is crucial . The main leg should be slightly flexed to move the body’s center of gravity downward to maintain the necessary stability . At the same time , the body should be tilted in the opposite direction to the leg to maintain the body’s Balance and stability . The basic leg methods include kicking , kicking , kicking and sweeping .

(1 ) . Positive pedaling : Positive pedaling is a typical straight-legged method of leg kicking from the front . Bend your knees first , lift your knees , and support your knees slightly . Bend your knees and lift your legs to lead with your heels from flexion to extension . During the movement , the upper body leans back slightly , including the chest slightly , and keeps the protective posture with both hands .

(2 ) . Side kick : Side kicked is a typical representative foot method of straight sideways . Bend your knees first , lift your calves slightly , swing your knees inwards , with your knees retracted inward , support your knees slightly , and raise your knees from flexion to side to kick , reach the heel or full sole , and look forward . It can be divided into lower section , middle section and upper section .

(3 ) . Back pedal : Turn the body slightly , bend one leg to recover , the calf is parallel to the ground , and turn your head to look back . Stretch your knees strongly and straight forward , lean forward , look straight behind , and bend your arms naturally to maintain your balance .

(4 ) . Sweep : The waist and hip swung , the shoulder twists , and concentrates on one foot or calf shank , the action route is longer , and the high-speed arc draws a powerful explosive force .

(5 ) . Bounce : Bounce is a quick kick . Move the center of gravity of the supporting leg , bend the right leg to raise the knees , fold the large and small legs slightly inwardly , and stretch the toes . With the knee joint as the axis , flex and stretch the calf quickly , reaching the instep or tibia , and looking forward .

(6 ) . Kick before flying (second kick ) : The flying action is a more difficult action in aerobic boxing , and it is a variety of leg methods implemented in the flying state , which requires certain skills and skills .

before kicking is the easiest and most commonly used footwork in the flying action . The left leg jumped up with the knee bent , the right leg stretched from the flexion to the stretch in the air , stretched the foot surface , kicked upwards , reached the tip of the toe , looked forward , and the two feet landed in turn .

(7 ) . Kick-off kick : Kick-off kicked is a common method of kicking the body of the side . It has certain difficulty . It can be jumped on one foot or both feet . The main leg jumps sharply and the body jumps in the air . Twist right , the right leg stretches from flexion to extension , kicks in a straight direction , reaches the full sole or heel , and the left leg bends the knee and retracts the hip . After the action is completed , both feet touch the ground one after another .

6 . Basic knee method

knee method refers to the method of bending the knees and folding the legs , using the knee joint as the force point . The thighs have rich muscle groups and contract consciously . The strength of the bending protrusions of the thighs and calves will be amazing , and the movement towards the foot cannot be separated from the cooperation of the knee joint . Therefore , practicing and mastering the knee is essential .

(1 ) . Straight knee crested : Straight knee crest is a method of directly lifting the knee , both front and back knees can be used . The left leg are supported , and the right leg is quickly bent and lifted up , reaching the tip of the knee , and at the same time abdomen , the body leans back later , and looks forward .

(2 ) . Horizontal knee top : The basic movement route of the horizontal knee top is curved , which is more difficult . It requires good flexibility of the hips , and it can be used both before and after the knee . The right knee joint is drawn up diagonally from the outside to the inside .

(3 ) . Kneeling knees : Kneeling knees is a kind of knee depression method , which can be used for both front and back knees . Turn your upper body 90 ° to the left , bend your left leg in a semi-squat position , and kneel straight in your right knee at the tip of your knee .

Precautions for aerobic boxing

1 . The abdomen and jaw is tightened . Hold the fist in front of the face (defense posture ) with both hands to keep breathing without holding your breath .

2 . Warm-up time should be enough , otherwise the body cannot get enough stretch . Legs should be stretched every 15 to 20 minutes during class .

3 . Avoid prolonged training like professional athletes , should alternate with high-volume and low-volume exercises .

4 . Do not twist forward when kicking sideways , otherwise it will cause the pressure to concentrate on the knees , straining the toes will sprain the knees , and should twist to the side of the toes to reduce the lateral pressure in the knee .

5 . Do not stiffen your knees to reduce cushioning . Lift your knees when you turn around , otherwise you will sprain the cruciate ligament .

6 . When punching , the shoulder should drive the punch , and keep looking at the target before completing the punching and kicking .

7 . Avoid back kicking in crowded rooms .

8 . Avoid excessive force on elbows and knees . Avoid dislocation due to excessive movement towards dodge or slam action , and avoid twisting action .

9 . If the following happens , you can stop the exercise (leg fatigue , pain and discomfort in the body , dizziness , fast heart rate , etc . )

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