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The advantages and disadvantages of embedding weight loss

With the arrival of spring , many beauty lovers have started a new round of weight loss exercised . As a type of acupuncture for weight loss , acupuncture point embedding is also favored by more and more people .

Worry 1 : What is the protein thread buried in the body ?

The principle of thread embedding is to use a specially constructed needle to inject the absorbable thread collagen into the acupuncture points of the body , which can be absorbed by itself about 28-30 days , and the effect of suppressing appetite can be achieved by the stimulation of the acupuncture points . The ” collagen thread ” used for weight loss by embedding is not an ordinary sheep intestine thread , but an absorbable thread used for suturing brain tissue in Western medicine . It can be directly embedded under the skin and will stay in the body initially . After 30 days , it will It is gradually absorbed by the body of harming the body .

Worry 2 : Is embedding weight loss a safe way to lose weight ?

In the process of losing weight by embedding thread , as long as you observe 3 points , the safety of embedding thread can reach 99%.

1 . Before embedding : rigorous physical and indication screening ;

2 . When embedding : strictly comply with aseptic operation ;

3 . After embedding : follow the doctor’s instructions to pay attention to daily care after embedding .

Worry 3 : Is there any side effect of embedding ?

Clinically confirmed that the most likely occurrence of embedding weight loss is allergic reactions , ” normally it causes skin flushing and local pain . Some people may embed the embedding position of a small nodule . If it is not normal , local suppurative infection may occur , Forming scars . ” People who are not allergic or who is not suitable for embedding are rarely affected by side effects . The most commonly used is the collagen line . As for the side effects that may have occurred in the past : skin bruises , allergies , redness , inflammation , local skin melanin deposition , and in severe cases , abdominal abscesses , internal bleeding , and so on . But using ” collagen thread ” , 100% will not be allergic .

Worry 4 : Can everyone embed the thread ?

scars , recent surgery and fever are definitely not suitable for embedding . In addition , people with special constitutions such as high blood pressure , diabetes , and heart disease are not suitable for embedding . If the skin has ulcers , wounds , skin diseases , etc , it is not suitable for embedding ; embedding the thread in the first two days of the female physiological period may make the menstrual blood flow or increase , and it is best to avoid it .

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The main principle of weight loss by embedding thread is to control people’s appetite by embedding thread , . So you must pay attention to diet after embedding thread .

After embedding the thread to lose weight , in order to prevent infection , the acupuncture points buried in the thread should not be exposed to water , the first day can not be bathed , the next day can be washed , the cover tape can be removed after bathing .

If you choose to embedd to lose weight , please be sure to consult a regular medical institution and strictly follow the recommendations of experts .

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