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Ten minutes in the morning to lose weight quickly

The alarm clock rang and bounced from the bed . I quickly brushed my teeth , washed my face and changed clothes , rushed out to catch up to work , and sometimes even forgot to eat breakfast ! Is this your morning portrayal ? You will find that this kind of life brings you many negative effects . For example , you are always groggy throughout the day . Because you have not eaten breakfast , you have a big appetite for noon and overeating causes more and more meat . In fact , you might as well take a look . Wow , I have introduced you the secret tips for losing weight quickly in ten minutes in the morning . It will give you a good look and a good figure .

First : drink water in the morning

Morning is the best time to drink water in the day . Drink at least 250ml of plain water immediately after getting up to wake up the stomach and stimulate peristalsis . Helps diuresis while also solving constipation . Metabolize toxins . In addition Supplementing water can also quickly reduce blood concentration . Thereby promoting circulatory metabolism and burning fat .

Reminder : Wait for half an hour after drinking the water before eating .

After waking up , stand and sip a large glass of boiled water slowly . After that , you can do some simple stretching exercises instead of sitting down to eat breakfast . Wait at least half an hour of the water to enter the body cells before eating .

Efficacy : Smooth bowel movements every day . I wake up and drink 800ml of plain water every morning . I start to fart halfway through the drink . I feel like ” umh ” immediately after drinking . The troubles of constipation from time to time are gone , and drinking it every day is also super effective against reducing flatulence .

Supplement : There are big differences in the types of water . It is useful to choose a pH value of 7.5-8.5 . Mineral water with a pH value of 7.5-8.5 is the closest to weakly alkaline body fluids and is most beneficial to the human body . The boiled water contains active organisms , which will promote metabolism and enhance immunity , which is not bad .

Second  : 10 minutes of small exercise

Just ten minutes of exercise , although it will not be intense enough to sweat profusely , it will stretch the muscles and live the bones . After the muscles are forged , they can burn calories . Improve the metabolism effect of / on all day , continue to do it every day , you will see a fit body shape effect .

Soft stretches

Body temperature in the morning is the lowest point of the day . Muscle elasticity and joint flexibility are obviously low . You must do stretch exercises first , let your body temperature rise slowly before exercising , to avoid ligament or muscle strain . If there is sufficient time for the morning , stretching exercises can be repeated for a few more sets before exercise , exercise effect is better .

1 . Lying down and steppe , stretch the gluteal muscles , lie down in a sleeping position , first step on the left foot board for 4 seconds . Change the right foot and step down again , repeat 10 times left and right .

2 . Lie on the left and right sides to warm up the waist and abdominal muscles . Lie on your back with your hands slightly open , feet together , and bend your knees . Keep the upper body lying flat , and the lower body feet will fall to the right side at the same time for 4 seconds , repeat 10 times left and right .

3 . Rotate the waist , relax the pelvic muscles , keep your hands on your hips , keep your head and shoulders fixed , turn your waist to the left at a speed of 4 seconds , and then alternate left and right 10 times . Stand up with the palm of your hands , use the other hand to bend the four fingers back for 4 seconds and then release , repeat the bend with both hands 5 times . Warm the joints near the bowl to promote blood circulation of peripheral nerves .

4 . Tilt the pelvis back and forth , flexible spine joints , hands on hips . Head up and chest up , buttocks up . Abdomen force , last for 10 seconds . With your hands on your hips , slowly bend down in the order of head→neck→chest→waist , and clamp your buttocks inwards for 10 seconds . After a night’s sleep , the neck to the shoulders can easily become stiff or tight . Slowly pull the head to the right . After pulling it to the limit , fix it for 4 seconds , then change the left shoulder and neck .

Core exercises

To exercise the core muscles of the waist , abdomen and buttocks , use the exercise in muscle and joint contraction to increase muscle flexibility and muscle strength extension , which helps to make the body curve slender and well-balanced , and it can also improve the common cause of office workers . Back pain caused by prolonged sitting .

1 . Twist the side of the abdomen , shake off the back of the waist , and stand in a standing position . Keep your head straight and cross your hands . Put it gently on the back of your head . Twist your upper body of the right , bend your right knee and raise it , try your best to touch your left elbow with your right knee , and keep breathing for 4 seconds , alternating left and right 10 times .

2 . Exercise the abdominal muscles to prevent the lower abdomen , bend your knees and lie down , cross your hands in front of your chest , and lift your head and shoulders up off the ground as a preparatory action . Squeeze the abdomen . After twisting the upper body , lift off the ground , the best distance that the left elbow can touch the right , and the left and right alternate 10 times .

3 . Stretch the back muscles , correct the hunchback , bend the knees to a kneeling position , spread the hands and feet shoulder-width apart , reduce the abdomen , look up and look forward to preparing . Slowly arch up from the head , shoulders , back , and waist to a round back position for 4 seconds , then return to action a , and do it back and forth 10 times .

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