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Weight Loss / Partial weight loss / Ten face weight loss methods commonly used in life

Ten face weight loss methods commonly used in life

The effect of exercise to lose weight is all-round . If your face is really ” swollen ” , a lot of sweating after vigorous exercise can help the water to be quickly discharged from the body .

1 . Exercise method :

The effect of exercise to lose weight is all-round . If your face is really ” swollen ” , a lot of sweating after vigorous exercise can help the water to be quickly discharged from the body .

2 . Diet :

Eat more fruits and vegetables that can reduce swelling and dampness in three meals on weekdays , such as winter melon . If your face is obese due to large muscles , please refuse to chew gum , sugar cane and other foods that exercise chewing muscles , because they can only make your facial muscles more healthier .

3 . Bathing method :

High temperature bathing is a good way to lose weight , and also high temperature bathing can also thin your face . You can take a bath in the bathtub at a water temperature of 38℃ every day . The depth of the water reaches the heart nest , and massage the face with face-lift cream . The bath time is preferably 20 minutes .

4. Facial weight loss exercise:

Aerobic massage: during the massage, it focuses on stimulating the acupuncture points of the eyes, the sun, the Shixiaguan and the cheek car, which can effectively prevent facial fat from spreading.

Prepare for a 3-minute aerobic exercise:

The first step, from the forehead to the temple, press 3-4 times with both hands;

In the second step, press the middle and ring fingers of both hands alternately and gently on both sides of the nose, repeat 1-2 times, and then massage the cheeks in a spiral manner, from the jaw to the ear, middle ear, nose and upper ear, repeat 2 times;> >>Four methods of cleansing: Is it really skin care to wash your face with cold water?

In the third step, gently pull the lower jaw line with the thumb and index finger of both hands, back and forth 3 times from left to right; in the fourth step, gently stroke the neck with both palms from bottom to top.

5. Professional face-lifting method:

Most professional beauty salons set up a quick face-lifting service, the effect changes with the way, you can choose according to your own situation. The face-lifting effect of the beauty salon is undoubtedly, but you should carefully consider your own situation before choosing the beauty salon and the face-lifting method, and don’t leave any regrets. The current face-lifting method includes facial liposuction: inserting a liposuction tube from behind the ear to remove excess facial fat; facial plastic surgery: the doctor will cut off a small piece of bone on both sides of your cheek, so that the original round The lower jaw is sharpened, and the entire face becomes duck face. It sounds easy, but remember to do it carefully; facial injection of botulinum toxin: This is a toxin that causes muscle atrophy, and it has a quick effect. Although it is not harmful to the health of the body, its shortcoming is that it is easy to recover in about six months. These methods all sound terrible, so choose people with caution!

6. Acupressure swelling method:

The acupuncture points to reduce swelling on the cheeks include Tinghui point, Daying point and cheek car point. Since these acupuncture points are more difficult to remember and find, we can massage acupressure according to the following methods to achieve the effect of pressing the acupoints.

In the first step, the thumb and abdomen are close to the bottom of the cheekbone, and slightly press vertically for about 2 centimeters, gently lift the finger strength upward, and then slowly relax the finger strength;

In the second step, the middle finger and ring finger are together, gently press down to 2 cm along the lower edge of the cheekbone, and then push up; in the third step, the four fingers are together and tapped on the cheek acupuncture points;

Finally, touch the cheeks with four fingers together, clockwise, drawing circles from inside to outside.

Note: The above-mentioned acupressure massage is suitable for once every two days. Excessive or excessive massage may cause nerve conduction to be sluggish or muscles to loosen and bruise.

7. Lymphatic massage thin face method:

Facial edema is caused by obesity caused by impaired air veins, which can be eliminated in a professional beauty salon by opening up the blocked channel through lymphatic massage.

8. Make-up face-lifting method:

If you think sports massage is too hard and liposuction surgery is too painful, use this method. In addition to more troublesome, the effect is also good!

The eyebrow shape is modified into a bow shape, thin and tall, and then the eye shadow is elongated with brown color, and the effect of sunken eyes is outlined from the end of the eye;

A straight three-dimensional shadow is drawn from the root of the nose;

The shape of the lips is enlarged, the peaks of the lips are clear, and the lower lips are thick and slightly square

The cheeks have a natural concave shadow with brown color, and the three-dimensional and clear facial features immediately appear, and a thin face appears in the mirror!

9. Face washing:

Change the way you usually wash your face, and wash your face with warm and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

10. Others:

Such as drinking tea, drinking a cup of oolong tea (or coffee) to quickly expel excess water from the face; cold compress, wrap ice cubes with a hand towel, and apply on puffy eyelids for 3 minutes to take advantage of heat expansion and contraction Principle swelling is a good way to lose weight quickly.

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