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Tell you the real acupuncture weight loss method

Can acupuncture lose weight ? At first glance , it is a bit incredible . But in fact , there are constantly cuties around trying this new method . So , as a ” secret weapon ” in traditional medicine , can acupuncture loses weight ? Why can it be used to lose weight ?

Story1 : lose weight for health

Ms. Chen often socializes and drinks because of work , her diet is not regular , and her weight greatly exceeds the standard . Not long ago , she came to the acupuncture department to ask for weight loss . After the initial diagnosis , the doctor judged that her obesity was caused by high blood lipid . It was simple obesity and required corresponding acupuncture treatment , otherwise it would cause other diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases .

Expert analysis : applicable to simple obesity

Obese patients can generally be divided into two categories , simple obesity and secondary obesity .

Simple obesity is more common to teenagers and some white-collar workers in their 20s and 30s . The so-called simple obesity , one may be caused by genetic factors . Studies have shown that if one parent is obese , the incidence of obesity of the offspring is 40% . If both parents are obese , the incidence of obesity of the offspring is as high as 70%-80% . Another possibility is due to acquired factors , such as long-term unequal diet , poor living habits , excessive intake of lipid foods , and lack of necessary physical exercise , too little energy loss , and imbalance between intake and metabolism . Acquire obesity .

Secondary obesity mostly occurs to middle-aged and elderly people . It is obesity caused by other diseases , such as hypertension , diabetes , and kidney disease . It also includes obesity caused by drugs , such as hormone-induced endocrine disorders . Before acupuncture , you should find out the cause of obesity and receive the corresponding disease treatment to control the condition before applying acupuncture therapy , but the weight loss effect is generally not as good as simple obesity .

Acupuncture therapy can regulate the nerve and endocrine functions of obese people by massaging certain points of the human body . For example , after massage , it can inhibit the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and inhibit the secretion of gastric acid , which reduces the feeling of hunger and thus reduces energy intake . At the same time , acupuncture can also promote energy metabolism and promote the decomposition of accumulated fat . Reduce intake , accelerated metabolism , and ultimately achieve the effect of weight loss .

Story2 : honey to lose weight and reduce to dizziness

Xiao Yun takes pains to lose weight . In order to lose weight quickly , in addition to receiving acupuncture treatment , she also developed an extremely strict diet plan for herself : according to the ” Honey Weight Loss ” method in a fashion magazine , she uses honey water , honey green tea , honey rose tea as a daily Three meals a day . Less than a week later she couldn’t hold on , and often felt dizzy .

Expert advice : fast weight loss is not desirable

Now many consumers thinks that the rapid weight loss is a victory . Although the spirit is commendable , these are not healthy weight loss methods , nor are they effective weight loss methods .

For example , excessive dieting is not only difficult to last , but is also prone to ketoacidosis , which makes people fatigue , nausea and vomiting and other symptoms , causing harm to the lack of nutritional supply of organs . Excessive exercise is easy to consume glucose , but it is not conducive to fat metabolism and futile for weight loss . Although taking weight loss pills can make you lose weight faster , some weight loss pills do not lose fat but water . After a lot of water is lost , electrolytes in the body will also be disordered , and metabolic acidosis is prone to occur . There are also some drugs that greatly speed up the metabolism of the human body after taking it , which is equivalent to artificially speed up the normal physiological rhythm , which will cause damage to health .

By contrast , the acupuncture rule is ” gradual ” . It does not promote ” one effect ” , but it slowly adjusts the endocrine system of the human body through long-term massage of acupuncture points , so that various unbalanced conditions in the obese person can be slowly obtained . Eliminate , thereby restoring the body’s normal physiological function , its weight loss effect is basically long-term and stable , and even has an ” after effect ” , that is , after stopping acupuncture therapy , weight loss continues . After the treatment , the body weight will generally not rebound , and there are no adverse side effects . In addition , since acupuncture is a relatively natural treatment process , strict dietary control is not required , but overeating should not be overdone . Avoid eating too spicy or appetizing food .

Story3 : Rely on diet or acupuncture ?

Ms. Zhang is a frequent visitor from beauty salons . She heard that summer is a good time to lose weight . She saw a banner of ” acupuncture to lose weight , not effective for free ” in a beauty salon , and ran there to lose weight . The beauty salon required her to follow strict does not drink too much water on a diet plan . At the same time , in order to ensure nutrition , she also provided an expensive ” nutrient ” for her to take . After two courses of treatment , Ms. Zhang suffered many crimes , but the effect was not significant .

Expert suggestion : go to a regular medical place for medical treatment

Experts pointed out that some beauty salons actually uses the acupuncture method as a dieting method . To put it bluntly , it is ” hunger therapy ” , and many so-called ” nutrients ” are nothing more than drugs that induce vomiting or accelerate metabolism . In addition , the hygienic condition of the beauty place and whether the disinfection of the needles meets the prescribed standards is also important , because when the massage breaks the skin , the unclean needles may cause skin diseases or even infectious diseases , and the consequences are unimaginable .

Secondly , experts pointed out that acupuncture therapy actually belongs to the medical field , because the needle must be pierced into the skin when applying the needle . This invasive and traumatic behavior belongs to the medical behavior according to the law , and under non-medical conditions , even It is also difficult to get compensation for medical accidents . It is recommended that people who want to lose weight go to regular hospitals and medical institutions to receive acupuncture therapy .

Acupuncture for weight loss q&a

Q : Does it feels painful during acupuncture ?

A : Almost no pain , but due to acidity , bloating , numbness , experienced doctors will be very good at pinching , let you enjoy the relaxation of acupuncture points .

Q : Does acupuncture has a local effect ?

A: Acupuncture emphasizes holistic treatment . Of course , it has a local effect , and the waist and abdomen can be improved . At first , the body shape changes , and then the weight change . The body shape change is faster than the weight change .

Q : How long is the course of acupuncture treatment ?

A : Generally two to three courses can be effective . One course is about ten times , and the average is three times a week .

Q : What should I do if the effect of acupuncture is not significant ?

A : The effect of acupuncture is not significant , it is related to whether it cooperates with the treatment , and it is also related to the disorder of personal diet and work rules . If the two courses are not effective , it is related to whether the doctor treats the syndrome differently and the accuracy of acupoint selection .

Q : Is the effect of losing weight in summer better than in winter ?

A : Yes . Traditional Chinese medicine has always said ” winter disease and summer treatment ” . From the perspective of the five elements , the yang energy evaporates from the body of the body surface in spring and summer , and it is easy to excite . Acupuncture is originally acupuncture points to stimulate the internal adjustment function , so summer is definitely better than winter .

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