Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / Teach you 6 weight loss tips to control your appetite for getting fat

Teach you 6 weight loss tips to control your appetite for getting fat

Many beauties that want to lose weight have the same trouble , that is , they can’t control their hungry appetite , and they can’t control their mouths . To sum up , people with strong appetite have two common characteristics , eating too fast and eating too much taste . The heavy alkali and spicy eating habits not only easily cause the accumulation of water in the body , but also eat more and more food , appetite . Below we teach you some tips to control your appetite to help you lose weight successfully .

1 . Drink a glass of water when you want to eat

Drink watered to let the mouth and stomach feel the passing of things , water can support the stomach space , reduce hunger , and slow down the urge to eat . In addition , drinking water can fill the stomach , reducing the amount of food consumed . In addition , drinking more water is also conducive to detoxification .

Slimming Fast Ways:

2 . Choose the right snack

is really greedy and can eat some snacks that are both greedy and low in calories . But be sure to chew slowly and control the total amount . You can eat a small amount of dark chocolate or a handful of nuts , yogurt , fruit , etc . be good choices .

contains some fungi that can promote the health of the digestive system , reduce bloating and constipation , and make your lower abdomen look flatter . If you have a break in your office , you can cut a small slice of lemon (with skin ) , mince it , and add it to plain yogurt . A small cup can eat for about 15 minutes .

3 . Brush your teeth immediately after a meal to control your appetite

Each meal is full , and brushing your teeth immediately after a meal will not only make your teeth healthier , but also suppress your appetite after meals . Whenever you want to eat , you must hint that you have brushed your teeth . Mint flavored toothpaste has the best effect to stop hunger . In addition , remember to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth . Stick your tongue out to see if it is covered with a white tongue . Be careful that this may be one of the main causes of your increased appetite . People who often smoke , drink , eat processed foods , and have heavy tastes are more likely to have tongues than those who have a light diet . This means that there is less saliva production and low sensitivity to taste buds . If you eat too much , you will feel unsatisfactory . When satisfied , it is easy to lose control of appetite .

4 . Light diet

Heavy-tasting people like to eat salty foods and high-fat foods . These foods are often more palatable , easy to make people’s appetite open , time , and moisture and fat are hoarded in the lower body . So , give up these high-calorie foods , eat more fruits and vegetables , eat more steamed food , less oil and less salt . The study found that as long as three days , along with dietary records and behavior changes , your taste buds can be corrected to get rid of overeating and gluttonous eating habits .

5 . Guarantee high-quality slept

Quality sleep can also help you control your loss of appetite , because good sleep can relieve stress , and a lot of women’s appetite is caused by stress . In the process of sleeping , the body will automatically produce a repairing effect and continue to consume calories . Rather than supporting a tired body , risking excessive calories , it is better to sleep well and not want to eat randomly . Hello

6 . Pressing ear acupoints can also control appetite

The acupuncture points of the human body are like an organ . Several acupuncture points of the pinna are connected to the center of the brain to control appetite . Massaging those acupoints can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss . The principle of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine is like this . If you don’t want to go to the hospital , you can also help you lose weight by pressing for home .

Control hunger : Press the index finger on the hunger point of the right ear for 1 minute , and change the left ear to do the same action .

Principle : When the gastrointestinal send a signal of ” I am hungry ” to the hypothalamus that controls appetite , people will have the desire to eat , and pressing the corresponding acupuncture points can prevent the signal transmission .

Avoid emotional eating under pressure : squeeze the thumb and forefinger to the right door , hold for one minute , then change the left ear to do the same action .

Principle : Many people eat too much , not because the body really needs it , but because of stress . Pressing Shenmen can soothe the body , reduce tension , and relax the nerves that controlled appetite .

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