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Teach you 2 yuan homemade herbal slimming tea

Sweet and sour fruits , together with soft and passionate flowers and plants , drying together become a warm and sweet flower and fruit tea . Flower and fruit teas have the same medicinal effects as herbal teas , and they have the same natural and smooth taste . Some flower and fruit teas also have the effect of refreshing and slimming . The scarlet sweet and sour flower and fruit tea , with the sweet flavor of the fruit , forms an elegant and unique atmosphere that is completely different from the herbal tea .

1 . Organic lemon ginger tea

Production : Add lemon and ginger granules to organic tea .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Nutritional comments : wonderful citrus fragrance , light color , natural refreshing taste of lemon balanced by the gentle surrounding of Zingiber officinal . The most important ginger also has a slimming effect and is a natural weight loss product .

2 . Organic wild plum fruit tea

Production : It is made by heating dried water of dried plum fruit .

Nutritional comments : Zucchini grows in the bushes and has a dark red appearance , with an unforgettable aroma and a delicious sweet and sour taste .

3 . Organic Orange Coconut Tea

Made : Blended with orange and coconut in organic tea

Nutrition review : fresh orange flavor , with creamy coconut , a surprising combination . It is refreshing and refreshing , suitable for drinking at work .

4 . Organic Mint Vanilla Tea

Nutritional comments : Vanilla can help digestion , the taste of mint is unique , and it has a clear fragrance . Drinking when you are drowsy has the effect of eliminating fatigue and thinking clearly . After adding ice in summer , it is a good product to eliminate the heat .

Made : Blended with mint and vanilla in organic tea .

Tips : How to make the nutrients in the tea more fully absorbed ?

1 . Only absolute boiling water can make all the essence of the tea brew .

2 . Eating tea can not only get more nutrition , but also the lignin and cellulose contained in it can help digestion and defecation .

3 . Generally speaking , only one cup of tea is brewed 4 times to brew almost all the effective substances in the tea .

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