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TCM waist thin acupuncture points for 5 minutes to reduce belly

In fact, TCM massage has obvious curative effect on obesity, and has been clinically verified for a long time. Some self-manipulation techniques introduced below, fat friends can do it anytime, anywhere, the effect is good. The technique of holding the trembling abdomen is very easy to learn and easy to operate.

Can be used at home, in the office, in a car or on an airplane, and is not restricted by environmental conditions. The method is: hands are relaxed and crossed, hemispherical, the two palm roots are pressed against the two large horizontal points (one horizontal palm next to the navel, one on each side); the two little fingers are pressed against the Guanyuan point (four horizontal fingers under the navel);

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Double thumbs against Zhongwan point (a horizontal palm on the navel); gently press down on the abdomen to do small and rapid movements (more than 150 times per minute), 1-2 times a day. In addition to losing weight, this technique can also reduce sugar, laxatives, and lower blood pressure.

Knead the abdomen with one hand to pinch the abdomen skin, including deep fat, and then knead it in a clockwise order (that is, squeeze while rubbing) for about 5 minutes. The first two times should be slightly painful.

Take Hegu with one hand’s thumb and forefinger and squeeze the other hand with Hegu acupoint, hold it firmly for about 1 minute.

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