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TCM acupoint weighted loss method

People are full of curiosity about Chinese medicine for weight loss and want to find out. In fact, to put it bluntly, TCM weight loss is to achieve weight loss by stimulating acupuncture points. Speaking of acupuncture points here, is there a picture of a master acupuncture point winning in a martial arts film? Is it really so magical to press acupoints?

Acupoint is a term in Chinese medicine and an important method in Chinese medicine. Next, let’s take a look at how Chinese medicine can lose weight through acupuncture points to achieve rapid weight loss!

If you grow a cute “baby face”

Speaking of “baby face”, do you think it is a commendatory or derogatory word? When you heard this word as a child, the first reaction was that people were praising you for being cute. , That is definitely not a happy thing for a girl. So, how to have a melon seed face?

For many women, face value is very important, not only do not have spots and wrinkles on the face, but also want to have a melon seed face, so as to be perfect. However, staying up late and being stressed makes your mood worse and worse, and the habits of work and rest are completely disrupted, and eventually your cheeks are swollen, forming a “baby face”.

2 ways to lose weight

miraculous acupoints: cheek car point, Tiantu point

If you feel that you are awakened and find out that you are “fat”, then most probably it is because the kidneys cannot excrete water normally, causing the water to deposit on the face. Slide up the contour of the lower jaw of the face, you will find a depression, this is the cheek car hole that can help the kidneys metabolize water. After pressing for 15 minutes, then apply ice water to the face to quickly reduce swelling, allowing you to restore the face.

If you are born with a cute “baby face”, then it is recommended that you repeatedly press the depression of the clavicle, that is, Tiantu acupoint, with your palm or finger, this can stimulate the lymphatic circulation speed, effectively speed up the movement of facial muscles, and make fat The fat “baby face” unconsciously lost weight!

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