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Swimming to lose weight quickly loses a perfect curve

Many netizens will go to the swimming pool to swim once every summer . Swimming is not only fitness , but also thin body . Netizens who have not received formal training are often not standard . be weight loss important to summer swimming ?

If swimming is used as a long-term exercise to lose weight , exercise standards is very important .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Wrong posture , poor fitness and weight loss

Editor’s note : When people swim , the standard of movement is not high , mainly depends on the purpose of swimming . If you only swim once or twice occasionally , or if it’s hot to get a cool picture in the swimming pool , and whether the movement is standard , the significance is not very great . But if swimming is used as a long-term exercise method , hoping to achieve the purpose of fitness and weight loss , standard movements are very important .

Through swimming practice , people’s cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength can be enhanced . If the swimmer insists on the correct action and strengthens step by step , the time is long , and the improvement in / to / on physical fitness is obvious . If the technical movements are not standardized , the exercise purpose that should be achieved cannot be achieved , and the muscles to be trained cannot be exercised . This is what people often say is ” biased ” .

For example , rely mainly on the strength of the legs when swimming . The increase in leg strength plays a key role in the exercise effect . But many people only pay attention to upper limb movements while swimming , and their legs do not move at all . In this way , not only is it difficult to swim , but the legs that can provide power have become cumbersome .

Doing unnecessary work in vain affects your interests in swimming to lose weight

Normative technical actions are the summary of long-term experience and wisdom of many people . Generally speaking , it is the most reasonable and labor-saving way to exercise according to standard technical movements . For swimmers , ventilation is a very important technique . Some people do not learn to ventilate . During breaststroke , the head is always on the water , the neck and back muscles are always very tight , and the energy is consumed in vain .

In addition , because the head cannot be stuck in the water , the resistance of the body of the travel will increase . Therefore , athletes with the same physical strength and standard movements can swim 100 meters , while those with non-standard movements can only swim 25 meters . In other words , swimmers with irregular movements do a lot of useless work , which will eventually to affect their interest in sports .

Swimming exercise to lose weight Correcting movements must be patient

has a process of the formation of habitual actions . The average person will feel awkward and uncomfortable when they start to correct their movements . But in the long run , it is still necessary to follow standard technical action .

Correcting wrong actions is often more difficult than learning from scratch . Many people have just changed to correct movements , and the speed is not as fast as the original , but swimmers must be patient . Correcting incorrect movements are to swim faster , easier and better in the future . The temporary awkwardness is for better results and better exercise results in the future .

As long as you stay patient for a while , swimmers will find that their level has improved significantly . In addition , when correcting movements , it is best to find a swimming coach , so that ” transformation ” is much easier .

Editor reminds you that swimming in summer is the most important thing for safety . Some people insist on wrong actions and often go to the river and pond for ” wild swimming ” , which is very dangerous . Irregular movements often lead to unreasonable exertion and hard work , and the complicated situation in unfamiliar waters is often the main reason for swimmers . I hope everyone can learn standard movements while swimming in the summer , and pay attention to safety .

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