Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / Summer is here , these diet methods to help you lose weight quickly

Summer is here , these diet methods to help you lose weight quickly

Diet is closely related to weight , so if you want to lose weight successfully , you need to start with diet . Next , the editor will recommend several of the most effective diet therapies and weight loss methods of you , so that you can eat and lose weight this summer !

1 . Grapefruit , grape , skimmed milk for weight loss

People who lose weight with grapefruit can also improve dry skin . This diet does have its own unique weight loss effect .

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

Milk : Drinking milk is the key . You can’t drink water . If you ride a few bicycles , you will definitely lose weight . It actually reduces body fat . It is recommended that this method was implemented on the weekend , which is a good way to lose weight .

Diet : This method cannot last too longs . Eat skim milk daily , plus apples and grapefruit , but a fat-free diet is bad at the skin .

2 . Alternative weight loss method

Using low-fat food instead of high-fat food to lose weight is a self-deceiving behavior . In order to meet the needs of appetite , similar high-fat foods can be used instead of high-fat foods . This ” replacement ” process will naturally reduce your risk of gaining weight . Sesame sauce , peanut butter , salad dressing and sand tea sauce are the four most calorie sauces . At this time , we can use micro-fat sauce (ketchup or soy sauce ) to season to reduce the fattening factor .

3 . Cactus diets

The cactus mucous membrane is cold , can promote the circulation of qi and blood , and eliminate villains . Malic acid promotes gastrointestinal motility . Triterpenes can promote the rapid decomposition of excess fat , effectively prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine , and inhibit the synthesis of liver fat .

How to eat : 1/2 sizes / sized cactus , 2 egg whites , pull out the top of the cactus thorns , cut off the green skin with a knife , cut into beaten eggs whites , stir well , then put in a pot of about 30 mls of honey and heat properly Yellow bubbles , then stir to fry , eat more than three times a week to achieve a good weight loss effect , and pre-prepared . The pressure is reduced .

4 . Ancient books record the beauty and weight-loss effect of peach blossom slimming tea

Shennong Materia Medica calls peach blossom ” Lustful ” , and the advancing pharmacy call the peach blossoms ” Slim Waist ” . Peach blossoms can be picked in spring or dried in the shade . Tea can be made with a few petals at a time . The number should not increase . If you have diarrhea after taking this medicine , you should stop taking it .

5 . Sesame + kelp weight loss method

Cooking them together can play the role of beauty , beauty and anti-aging . Because sesame can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism , linoleic acid can regulate cholesterol , and vitamin E can prevent aging .

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