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Spring speed thin 6 tips to achieve weight loss master

To lose weight , the first thing you should think of is to be hungry or dizzy , or exercise in the gym until your legs are soft . What you should think about is how to eat healthy and how to exercise most efficiently . The eight weight loss methods described below can minimize the pain you experience in the process of weight loss and make your efforts more effective .

1 . Great transformation of food purchasing :

If you still have a bunch of unhealthy snacks in your home , or if you have basically run out of food at home , Your first thing to do is to buy food . It sounds very pleasant , right . does n’t lose weight . does n’t think about hunger first , but think about how to eat it will be healthier . If it will be busy this week , buy one week’s worth of food . does n’t plan to go out to eat in a restaurant . It is best to do it at home (or eat your own food at the company ) . The key is to control what you eat and what you do n’t eat . When purchasing , You should buy a lot of vegetables , green , colored , the richer the better (negative calorie food is best , seasonal vegetables are best ) ; fruits (apples and oranges must be bought ) , and then buy some sweet potatoes , yam , chestnuts , Potatoes , foods with a higher starch content , why , because you may temporarily say goodbye to rice noodles for the next two weeks . Buy some protein-rich foods , from eggs , chicken , fish for all kinds of beans , soy products , soy milk , milk . There is tomato juice (low salt is the best , You can not buy ordinary ones ) . Condiments need cumin , chili powder , bay powder , coriander , ginger powder , garlic , etc . These are foods that help burn fat and increase metabolism . No snacks , no bread , no sugar .

2 . Low-carb dieted for 2 weeks :

Eat less carbohydrates will immediately let you reduce edema and water weight , let you lose a circle of a few days . This is not a long-term solution , So it is only two weeks . The carbohydrates mentioned here are cereals and sugar , excluding fresh fruits and vegetables , starchy foods (sweet potatoes , peony , beans ) , but starchy foods should be eaten less . Do not eat preserved fruit , because the dried fruit is very small in sugar and extremely high in sugar . Do not drink any soft drinks . If you have a way to calculate the amount of carbohydrates per day (first two weeks ) , do not exceed 50-60 grams . It is best to limit fruit of two servings , such as a medium-sized apple and an orange ; you can eat more in the future , mainly because of the higher sugar content . Pay attention to supplementing protein , because your body still needs energy and nutrients , protein can be full for a long time , You are not easy to lose muscle (muscle consumes more calories than fat ) , and protein helps to break down fat .

3 . Drink 12-16 glasses of plenty of water :

Usually say that 8 glasses of water a day should be increased when losing weight . Drink as much as you can , don’t drink coffee , drink more greener tea and oolong . A glass of water is 240ml , So you plan to drink a large glass of lemonade together in the morning , then drink another glass before breakfast , drink a glass before lunch , and drink a glass of tomato juice with water 20 minutes before lunch , I have tried it , and I think it works well , but more likely it is because of the sense of protection generated ) . Drinking more water can help the body eliminate toxic substances , and it can also help ” to melt ” fat . Milk soy milk can’t be considered water , but if you don’t drink 12-16 cups , They can barely count . You will feel that going to the toilet a lot is also a way to force yourself to get more active .

4 . Exercise in the morning :

Exercise in the morning has several advantages . First , although it is painful to get up early , but you have solved the most painful thing (exercise ) this year , and you will feel very good one day . Morning exercise on an empty stomach is easier to consume fat as energy instead of energy stored in muscles or carbohydrates just eaten . This is why eating less carbohydrates in the first two weeks requires the body to obtain energy from the accumulated fat to help maximize fat loss . In the morning , because you are hungry , the amount of exercise should not be too strong . Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking and aerobics are more suitable . Strength exercises may not be suitable , otherwise you will risk Venus . Morning exercise can also improve your day’s metabolism , so adjust your schedule and get up 30 minutes early to exercise . If time is tight , exercise 20-25 minutes in the morning and 20-25 minutes after work . Look at the news at home to jump aerobics , both are correct .

5 . Find a companion to lose weight :

Everyone discusses your weight loss experience and progress with you every day . It is easier to supervise each other than to fight alone . And it ‘s best to be someone you saw every day , so that everyone’s weighted loss effect is clear at a glance , and it ‘s less likely to be lazy .

6 . Exercise methods of reducing fat :

If you can’t exercise in the morning , You should do light strength training for 20 minutes at other times , then do aerobic exercise . Because the body usually starts to use the energy stored in fat after 20 minutes , so that when you start walking or running , You start to burn fat . Thinking about it in your brain feels good .

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