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Spring slimming rice oatmeal eight treasures rice

Babao rice made with oatmeal is very beneficial to health and reduces weight and oil . Everyone can cook more . The most important thing is very simple and easy to do .

Oatmeal is usually used by people to soak in milk . In fact , oatmeal is sometimes used to make eight-treasure rice , which can also to play a role in beauty and beauty , and delay aging . Oatmeal contains a variety of enzymes , which can not only to inhibit the formation of age spots , but also Delaying the aging of human cells is the best health food for middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases .

More importantly , the rich soluble fiber of oatmeal can promote the excretion of colic acid , reduce the cholesterol content in the blood , and reduce the intake of high-fat foods . Because soluble fiber will absorb a lot of water , it is very full , and it is often eaten to lose weight The effect of weight loss is particularly good .

Oatmeal Eight Treasure Rice is to soak the oats , black glutinous rice , long glutinous rice , brown rice , white rice , soybeans , soybeans , lotus seeds , pearl barley , red beans and so on for one hour , and then cook them . Babao rice has more adequate dietary fiber and carbohydrates and is suitable for consumption as a staple food .

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