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Spring diet weight loss, beware of 8 fatal mistakes

For modern women , the prerequisite for beauty is to have a sexy slim body , weight loss is inevitable . In fact , weight loss also requires caution . Want to show your good figure this spring , don’t let some wrong diet weight loss methods hinder your spring weight loss plan !

Wrong diet method 1 : lose weight without eating carbohydrates

Truth : Many people think that skipping carbohydrates is a good way to lose weight . In fact , one of the main reasons why people gain weight is because the total caloric intake exceeds the consumption . If the intake of carbohydrates is increased while the intake of fats is reduced , the total calorie intake will not exceed the standard . Of course , not eating carbohydrates can quickly lose weight , but the loss of water is not fat . Insufficient carbohydrate intake can easily lead to fatigue , constipation , irritability and so on . When there are too many carbohydrates in the diet , it will be converted into fat and stored in the body , resulting in various diseases . Too rich carbohydrate content will make the body’s blood sugar and insulin surged , causing obesity .

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Wrong diet weighted loss method two : eat more diet food can lose weight

Truth : Women who love beauty want to know what to eat to lose weight , so hearing a certain food is a weight loss food will reduce this kind of food , and it doesn’t matter if you eat too much . In fact , eating too much diet food will also gain weight . Because weight loss foods can lose weight because their calories are lower than other foods , but if you eat a lot , the added calories will also increase , causing the body to gain weight .

Wrong diet weighted loss method three : the less calories you eat , the faster you lose weight

Truth : Almost everyone knows very well that calorie control is the most basic way to lose weight , but not to lose weight if you eat less ? If your daily calorie intake is lower than the body’s calories , such as the total daily intake When calories are less than 800 to 1000 calories , the body’s energy saving mechanism will be activated . On the one hand , not only will the absorption rate increase , but the metabolism rated that will cause energy consumption will also decrease . At this time , the body weight will not only fall , but also cause Hormonal imbalances in the body make you lose weight and get fatter .

Wrong diet weighted loss method four : weight loss can not drink milk

Truth : Combined with calorie control , a dairy-rich diet can nearly double the fat loss and help prevent weight gain . In addition , from a nutritional perspective , milk is rich in protein , vitamins , and minerals , and is a nutritious food that everyone can’t lack every day . Adults drinking 2 , 3 cups of milk daily will not have the problem of excessive drinking .

Wrong diet weighted loss method five : you can lose weight without eating rice

Truth : The main ingredient of rice are sugar , which is an important energy source for human beings . Insufficient intake of sugar will lead to imbalanced nutrition in the body , and weight loss is often more effective . Misunderstanding that eating less or not eating rice can lose weight , which is a great threat to health . Eat staple foods such as rice properly . Too low sugar intake may cause low blood sugar and hunger easily , causing you to eat more other foods .

Wrong diet weighted loss method six : can not eat meat during weight loss

If you don’t eat meat , your body doesn’t need to produce enzymes , or produce very little enzymes , which causes the chain that breaks down fat , so it’s difficult for our own body fat to be broken down . It takes time for the body to absorb and store it as fat . But because of the lack of decomposition enzymes , it only causes storage without decomposition or little decomposition , that is , not eating meat to lose weight will make you lose weight .

Wrong diet weighted loss method seven : eating at night is easy to gain weight

Truth : The total consumption is less than the total intake is the reason that causes you to gain weight . So the calories you consume at night are not related to gaining weight . Because you may be more tired at night , you may tend to eat more , or higher-calorie foods than during the day . If you are really hungry , you can choose to eat some fruits and vegetables , there is no need to let hunger cause sleepless nights .

Wrong diet weighted loss method eight : only eating fruits and vegetables can lose weight

Some MM think that vegetables and fruits have no calories , you can eat with confidence . It is undeniable that eating more fiber-rich foods such as vegetarian food , vegetables and fruits is indeed helpful for weight loss . However , if you only eat vegetables and fruits and not staple food , you may lose weight and become fatter . In fact , many fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of carbohydrates . In addition , the calories and sugar in fruits are also quite high , so people who lose weight should avoid eating fruits and vegetables without restriction .

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