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Small movements to lose weight can also make a big difference

Attentive people will find that many crushes on you will raise their arms and stretch their legs from time to time . Such actions are not simply to relieve stress . In fact , these small actions are very useful for weight loss . I will introduce you to a few small actions today . Let office workers quietly lose weight .

Legs lifts

Focus on weight loss : abdomen , buttocks

Action : Sit on the stairs (bed edge , hard chair side ) , feet apart and lay flat on the ground , grab the edge of the stairs , and raise both legs and hips at the same height . Maintain your posture with your feet together . Put down your feet and return to the starting position . Repeat 5 to 10 times .

Arch bridge

Weight loss focuses: arms , abdomen , back , legs

Action : A prone , straight back , with forearms and toes to support the body , neck and back in a straight line . B Lift the buttocks upwards to make the body of an inverted V shape with the head between the arms . Keep your posture relaxed . Slowly return to action A . Repeat 5 to 10 times .

Press downs

Weight loss focuses: waist , abdomen

Action : Face down , lie on the bench (edge ”of the bed ) , left feet of the ground , left toes and shoulder on a vertical line , stretch right legs backward , chest up , and support the body of both hands .


Weight loss focuses : abdomen , back

Action : Sitting position . Lift the lower jaw , stretch the neck , and twist to the left and right . 2 minutes per group .

You can also do this : stand with your feet shoulder-width apart , stretch your arms of , cross your back , touch your left shoulder with your right hand , touch your right shoulder with your left hand , retract your abdomen , twist your torso to the left , rest for 5 seconds , return to the center Position , twist to the other side . Do 5 to 10 times .

Afterword : Weight loss is a way of life . When you have this kind of lifestyle , how can you reasonably arrange a day’s diet ? Come to take a look at the latest weight loss studies by scientists . Apply them to your daily life , and you can make weight loss as natural and simple as eating and sleeping .

that doesn’t want to have a slim and well-shaped body ? Busy office workers are often obsessed with obesity : work pressure is high , which can easily lead to overeating ; life is not regular , when you are busy , you can’t pay attention to eating , once you are busy , you can easily eat a lot , resulting in excess calories ; the most headache is I don’t have enough time to do weight loss exercises . I want to sleep more in the morning and I feel exhausted after returning home at night .

In fact , weight loss is not to disrupt your life rules , . So you must squeeze out time to lose weight . As long as you add some small actions to lose weight in your daily life , you can also easily maintain a slim figure .

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