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Slimming snacks speed up bowel burning

Weight loss is not to disrupt your life rules , . So you must make time for weight loss . As long as you add some small snacks in your daily life to lose weight , you can also easily maintain a slim figure , try it !

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Drink coffee before breakfast

Research from Vanderbilt University in Nashville , U.S.A found that drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before breakfast can effectively control appetite , allowing you to feel full after eating only 75% of the previous amount of food and burn the fat 5% faster ! This is due to xanthine , a heat-generating substance in coffee , which also provides enough heat of your body .

Supplemented calcium at breakfast

Daily intake of 600 mgs of calcium (300 mg each for breakfast and lunch ) can help your body accelerate the consumption of fat . Scientists found in a study that women that eat meals this way lose 22% more body weight , 61% more fat , and 81% more abdominal fat than women who do not consume calcium !

Drank a glass of plum juice before going to the bathroom

Plum is rich in flower epidermis-this phytochemical can help the body to effectively eliminate fat and toxins . Drink a glass of sour plum juice , your body’s ” cleaning ” process can be greatly accelerated , and the liver can quickly and thoroughly remove those substances in your body that may cause obesity .

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Drank more water

If you want to lose 2 kgs of weight this week , how much water you drink every day is related to your weight . Nutrition experts recommend that you drink 31.3 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight (for example , women weighing 50 kilograms should drink 1.565 liters of water every day ) . Water is an automatic high temperature heater for body metabolism . Once the water intake is insufficient , the body temperature will drop and the body will begin to depend on fat .

Eat some peanuts between breakfast and lunch

Scientists found in a survey that people who lost peanuts lost twice as much weight as those who did not eat peanuts ! Studies have shown that if you eat a handful of peanuts every day , calorie intake will be reduced by 333 calories .

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Ate fermented food at noon

Researchers found that eating fermented foods such as steamed buns , sandwiches , etc . be less likely to feel hungry , at least for more than 1 hour than eating ordinary food . This is because during the fermentation of food , starch and sugar is broken down into components that are not easily digested . The digestive system needs more time to digest it , and you will not feel hungry .

Drank a cup of strong tea when going to the street

The caffeine in strong tea can greatly suppress your appetite , reduce your meal volume by 35% , and increase the metabolism rate by more than 5% .

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A spoonful of honey in the afternoon

Honey can adjust your blood sugared to a normal level within 20 minutes after the credit , and can maintain this normal state steadily for 2 hours , reduce your hunger , and calm your emotions , let you Maintaining a good mood .

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Add more condiments to food

Eating a meal with a strong taste is easier to preserve the stability of blood sugar than eating a meal with a very light taste . When blood sugar is kept in a stable state , the calories will continue to burn , and will not become fat in the body , and it is not easy to cause hunger .

Dinner with some chili

A Japanese study showed that eating some irritating foods such as chili , ginger , and pepper can increase the body’s fat burning ability by 25% . This high-speed metabolic state preserves quality of more than 3 hours after meals .

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Oolong tea to relax

Cultivating the habit of drinking oolong tea will make your metabolism system work faster , it will increase the body’s burning calories by 3% and fat consumption by 10% . Because this tea is free of calories , fat and sodium , you can safely drink it if you want to lose weight .

Coconut as dessert

Coconut is one of the best sources of fatty acids in nature . After being credited , this fatty acid will be directly transported to the liver , increasing the rate of calorie burning by 50% .

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