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Slimming products:Japan Miyuna Starch Fight (MIYURA)

It doesn’t need to pay too much to keep in shape . MIYURA starch repelled helps you lose 20 pounds quickly and easily maintain a slim figure !

The Japanese Ministry of Health , Welfare and Accreditation research analysis confirmed that FIT’X starch repellent effectively blocks ” digestive enzymes ” to convert carbohydrates in food into sugar , inhibits the body’s intake of calories converted from starch and sugar , and prevents starch from being converted into excess fat The opportunity to hoard in the body .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Daily stapled foods such as bread , rice , noodles and other carbohydrate compounds will be converted into sugar to provide energy after digestion . When sugar energy is not completely consumed , it will become excess calories (calories ) , resulting in fat accumulation . The highly effective formula for FIT’X starched repellent is injected with the new ” α-Amylase Inhibitor ” , which aims to block the digestive enzymes (Amylase ) in saliva and pancreatic juice , so that the carbohydrates in the body remain intact and will not be decomposed and absorbed until they are excreted with stool in vita . When eating , if you take it with FIT’X Super Olein after the meal , the body oil is encapsulated , and the target reduction is even more amazing .

Did not use chemical agents , only use natural ingredients to block digestive enzymes , and suppress the sugar intake . FIT’X starch repels . Medical evidence confirms that the daily amount can effectively inhibit the effect of 3030 calories from starch and sugar .

Japan Miyuna Starch Fight (MIYURA)]

Specification: 300mg*60 tablets

Origin: Japan

Ingredients : natural digestive enzyme inhibitor , white string bean extract , licensed ballet leaf extracted , geminal extract , mulberry leaf extract , trehalose , flavor , citric acid , natural calcium .

How to take: 1 tablet 15 minutes before meal, 2 times a day

If you eat high starch, sugar and carbohydrates, you can eat 2 tablets each time.

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