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Slimming Body and Mind Acupoint Thread Embedding Slimming Alternative

According to the individual differences between patients , different symptoms , different causes of obesity , make a reasonable dialectical selection of points , a kind of ” biological protein thread ” that can be absorbed by the human body (“gut intestine thread ” used for suture wounds during surgery ) , Use special needles to bury in the acupuncture points , adjust the endocrine , nervous system and metabolism in the body through the acupuncture points to achieve weight loss .

The bio-protein thread implanted in the human body will naturally be dissolved or absorbed by the body after staying in the body of 15 to 30 days , and no need to take it out again .

Slimming Fast Ways:

After embedding the thread , the thread will soften , decompose , liquefy and absorb in the human body . It is said that the physiological , physical and biochemical stimuli to the acupuncture points can last up to 15 to 30 days or more , allowing local microcirculation in the body This kind of benign stimulus can be adjusted and repaired continuously .

According to the explanation of the operator , the weight loss method of ” embedding acupuncture points ” can affect obese people such as improving sugar metabolism , fat metabolism , enhancing the function of the body’s secretory system , promoting lipolysis , and suppressing appetite .

Acupoint embedding therapy has been used as a treatment for neurological and other diseases for many years , but it has only emerged from recent years for weight loss . According to Dr. Chen Yunlian from Guangming Medical Center , due to the high technical requirements , and the acid , numbness , weight , and bloating caused by the needle is higher than the acupuncture treatment , the general people are not acceptable , so the weaker body is not suitable for .

This therapy is more suitable for patients with obesity . Experts remind the public that the acupuncture point embedding weight loss therapy is currently a new medical therapy , and the efficacy has not been validated by the country . The public must consult the professional doctor when choosing this therapy .

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