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Skinny legs: pinching out slender legs

There are many important points in the legs . By stimulating acupuncture points , you can not only adjust female hormones , but also help you solve the trouble of strong and strong calf muscles .

Specific actions :

1 . Put the thumb vertically on the acupuncture point , gently press for 5-7 seconds , then stop for 5-7 seconds , then press for 5-7 seconds , and then slowly recover .

2 . Overlay the thumb of both hands and press for the one-handed method . Because the stimulation is stronger , the effect will be more obvious .

3 . At the acupuncture points where the thumb cannot be pressed , four fingers can be pressed together . The method is the same as the thumb press . Fingers touch the acupuncture points vertically and slowly press them .

Massage points :

Yongquan Point–Bend your toes , there will be depressions on the soles of the feet , reduce leg fatigue and so on .

Blood Sea Point–in the position of three fingers above the inner side of the knee to promote blood circulation .

Sanyinjiao Point–The position of four fingers above the ankle to eliminate muscle tension .

Comment : Acupressure must be focused , too light and too heavy , it needs good patience and perseverance to get results .

Thick legs tips : the muscular leg type , you should reduce the anaerobic exercise to develop muscles properly , does more aerobic exercises such as brisk walking and swimming , and use massage to eliminate muscle tension .

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