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Skinny actress can be described as a trick to lose weight

Everyone knows that skinny actresses are not born , they can be said to be a trick to slim down . A good-looking woman must not only have beautiful clothes , but also a moving figure . Therefore , although the ” overall weight loss ” may not be really fat , the ” partially added meat ” may not be really thin , but the aim is to emphasize the ” three measurements ” and the woman who highlights the ” three points ” is still going to follow , and you start chasing and chasing . And the long ” weight loss process ” . Let’s take a look at these skinny actresses around us . We can say that we have done all the tricks on slimming and slimming . While enjoying their beauty , we might as well share their secrets of slimming .

1 . Learn to reward yourself

Yes : As long as you keep fitness for 1 year , go .

False : What does this have to do with fitness ?

The studies found that compared with people that never reward themselves , fitness people who regularly reward themselves are 1-2 times more likely to meet the ” American Sports School Sports Standard ” . A senior personal trainer said that in our study , a woman decided that she would go hiking in Ireland as long as she could maintain fitness for a year , and eventually she went . Another fitness person bought himself a pair of new shoes after insisting on fitness for 2 months , and bought a new sportswear 6 months later . The reward mechanism can be simple , such as watching ” Six People ” after doing 100 sit-ups . Personal trainers say , ” Anything important in life can be combined with fitness .”

2 . The goal should be high , but not high

Yes : Specific goal-I have to walk for 20 minutes every day .

False : Abstract goal–I want to work harder .

Whether it’s improving endurance , participating in triathlon , or doing 25 push-ups , sett a goal can undoubtedly help you stick to it better . Dr. Brian Shager , the former dean of the American College of Sports Medicine , said that if your goals is short-term , specific , and realistic , such as ” I have to walk 20 minutes a day , ” instead of ” I have to work harder , ” It’s easier to stick to it . If you reach the goal easily , you should set the goal higher and approve it every 4-6 week to ensure that you have not deviated from the right direction .

3 . Write down your progress

Right : Keep recording your own fitness process .

False : What did I do yesterday ? forget

Research has found that people that insist on dieting or record fitness logs are more likely to lose weight . In addition , in one study , people who recorded in detail would lose twice as much weight as people who did not remember . Pay attention to note the exercise form , exercise time , intensity , distance , burnt calories and exercise location , as well as your mental state , fitness level , sleep conditions and diet before and after .

4 . ” Mini ” fitness exercises

Right : Move anytime , anywhere .

False : I am very busy today and I really have no time to exercise .

If you have too little time , you can only take 10-15 minutes a day to exercise to keep your body and mind in a good state (endurance training or strength exercises are both acceptable ) . Although doing micro exercises once a day can help strengthen your fitness habits , but if you can do it three times a day , it can also help you lose excess weight . The study found that people that do stitches every day for fitness can accumulate more fitness time than those who adhere to the regular 30-45 minute fitness program . If you can’t guarantee a 1-hour walk , then it’s better to exercise if you have time , even if only 15 minutes Can also .

5 . Find a suitable partner

Right : A friend with a fitness plan .

False : Work out alone .

Going to the gym with friends can help you execute your fitness plan better . But this does not mean that any friend can do this . Dr. John Jackisick , an associate professor in the Department of Exercise Science at Brown Medical College in the United States , said that your friends should have a higher fitness consciousness . Paired fitness with people that have a fitness program and beginners will get better fitness results than beginners alone , and the two can support and encourage each other and benefit from group responsibility .

6 . Multiple sports options

Right : Wonderful fitness program .

False : Only do your favorite projects .

People’s enthusiasm for a certain fitness exercise may fade in a few months , . So we should learn to control our own sports enthusiasm . If you feel that you don’t have enthusiasm or can’t improve anymore , just switch to another form of exercise . Ask a personal trainer to help you develop a fitness program once a month , such as learning martial arts with your child , or taking a dance class . Professional coaches said , ” As your physical fitness increases , you will have more energy to participate in other sports , and at the same time , it will also help maintain a higher initiative .” . Studies have shown that the human body will adapt to a certain form of exercise after a few weeks . This period of time is the ” exercise cycle ” . After this period , it is difficult to reap obvious effects unless you make changes .

7 . Exercise every day

Rights : Exercise 3-5 days a week .

False : I haven’t exercised for more than 2 days .

Richard Cotton , chief exercises physiologist of FirstFitnessInc , a consulting company in Salt Lake City , U.S.A , said that if you want to turn fitness into a daily habit , don’t stop going for more than two days . He explained that people that only exercise 1-2 time a week is more likely to lose halfway than those who exercise 3-4 times a week . Because fitness frequency can affect your fitness perseverance more than fitness time or exercise form . The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you exercise 3-5 days a week . If you can only spend 3 days a week for fitness , you should distribute these 3 days evenly to maintain a certain momentum .

8 . Formulate alternative plans

Right : Missed , missed , as long as you work harder tomorrow .

False : Can’t continue because of obstacles .

Senior personal trainers suggest that you should consider some factors that may affect your fitness in advance , such as vacations and work arrangements , and then prepare a set of backup plans . Write down the method of overcoming the ” fitness obstacles ” in the notepad . Whenever you encounter difficulties , you can be prepared . The most important thing is not to give up as soon as you encounter obstacles . The personal trainer said : ” You might think like this , ‘I don’t have time to go to fitness today , and I can’t go to the weekend , so just stop and forget it and start next Monday’ . In fact , you don’t have to miss one or two exercises And feel guilty , learn to accept the facts , missed and missed , as long as you work harder tomorrow .”

9 . Allow time for fitness

Right : At 8 : 00 AM , my fitness time is up !

False : Forget it , I have to work overtime at night , not to go to the gym .

Post a timely post of the computer , or set an alarm clock to let it remind you to exercise at a fixed time every day . When you do the same thing at the same time every day , you can gradually develop a habit . Once a fixed pattern is formed , daily fitness will be as important as company meetings . Research also shows that people that exercise in the morning will get better results than people that exercise in the afternoon or evening , because people will be more concentrated on the morning and have more physical strength . You should find the best time to exercise .

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