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Six ways to lose weight in traditional Chinese medicine

With the improvement in people’s living standards , the number of obese people is increasing . High blood lipids , high cholesterol , fatty liver , obese hypertension , cardiovascular disease , cerebrovascular disease , etc . be common to clinic , and the incidence rate has an upward trend . Using traditional Chinese medicine treatment based on syndrome differentiation , fat loss and weight loss can achieve good results . In recent years , reports on this in various medical journals in recent years have been summarized on their commonly used drugs and prescriptions , about six** .

Introduction is as follows :

Slimming Fast Ways:

1 , Hewei fat reduction method

Obese body , mostly due to too much manure , fat sticking to the stomach first , often abdominal fullness , rot , acid , dirty taste , greasy tongue . Early use of medicines such as hawthorn , barley malt , radish seed and stomach to aid digestion , very handy . This cursive has already recorded the elimination of grease stains for these drugs . There are traditional prescriptions such as Jiao Sanxian , Baohe Wan , etc , especially Chinese medicine pediatrics is commonly used as medicines . The commercially available hawthorn fruit , hawthorn cake , and hawthorn bag are sweet and delicious , and can be carried around with you , which is convenient to take . The fresh and fried foods of Xianlaihuan are very clear , which can be regarded as the easiest food therapy for reducing fat .

2 . Activating blood and removing blood stasis

Obese people had too much fat in the blood , which is easy to cause arteriosclerosis , especially the heart and cerebrovascular diseases . Drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis have effects on dilating coronary arteries , increasing blood flow , lowering blood lipids , preventing plaque formation and promoting its regression . Obesity and blood stasis , women’s amenorrhea can’t do it , or those who have blue and purple petechiae on the tongue , using blood circulation method to not only reduce fat and lose weight , but also cure the disease , it is the best of both worlds . Commonly used drugs for activating blood circulation , removing blood stasis and lipid-lowering : such as Angelica sinless , Chuanxiong Chuanxiong , the ancient prescription of bergamot powder , good at activating blood circulation , regulating menstruation and analgesic , and is the first choice . Salvia miltiorrhiza has the same taste and functions as four things (soup ) . It is a commonly used medicine for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases . Red peony and Coprinus Chinese can promote blood circulation and relax muscles . 37 . Pu Huang is good at promoting blood circulation and relieving pain . The salvia miltiorrhiza bag , compound salvia miltiorrhiza bag , Guanxin No . 1 prescription , Guanxin No . 2 prescription , etc . all have the effect of activating blood circulation , removing blood stasis and reducing fat .

3 . Wide-breasted phlegm method

Chinese medicine literature has the argument that ” fat people have more sputum ” , this kind of sputum obviously refer to obese sputum turbidity , that is , excessive fat . Obese people seen clinically have shortness of breath , chest tightness , even dizziness , vomiting , nausea , and smooth tongue coating . Some people have severe phlegm and irritability , are irritable , and easily lose their temper and anger , resulting in high blood pressure , head swelling and pain in the brain , restless sleep , yellow tongue coating , and dry stool . Multiple heart and cerebrovascular diseases . In the case of these diseases , the method of wide chest and phlegm is the most appropriate .

Commonly used drugs such as : Gualou , anciently known as Kulou , is the main medicine for wide chest and phlegm . The commercially available Gualou package is made with this flavor , which can lower blood fat and is particularly good at treating coronary heart disease . Gualouren also has a moisturizing effect , especially for those with phlegm and fire , and those with poor stools . Scallion is the small garlic , which is often used in combination with melon in clinical practice . That is , the famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing of the Han Dynasty used the Loulou Xiebai soup to treat chest pain and heartache , which has been used for thousands of years . Citrus uranium and Citrus uranium are both capable of widening chest and reducing phlegm , with orange peel and pinellia as a method of warming gallbladder decoction . They are commonly used to treat obesity , wetness , palpitations and insomnia . Pinellia can dissolve phlegm and relieve vomiting in the stomach , cooperate with orange peel , and is the main medicine of Erchen decoction . Traditionally used as the main prescription for removing phlegm and dampness . Clinical treatment of various sputum syndromes , regardless of vomiting , sputum , or cough , sputum , dizziness , palpitations and embolism are often used . Consult the Fang Shu , it actually comes from Wendan Tang . Tangerine peel is orange peel and has a fragrant odor , which can calm qi and reduce phlegm and reduce fat . The commercially available Chenpimei , orange peel , etc . be indeed delicious , and also a good product of reducing fat in diet .

4 . Shugan Liver and Gallbladder Method

Bile can digest fat . People with hepatitis , cholecystitis , and hepatobiliary stones have insufficient bile secretion , and they often do not like to eat greasy meat . If they are not careful , accidental eating will cause illness . Liver and gallbladder method is indispensable for hepatobiliary diseases , especially for patients with fatty liver , I often use this method to achieve good results .

Commonly used medicines for soothing the liver and gall bladder , such as Yinchen , is a special medicine for treating jaundice with traditional Chinese medicine and has a good choleric effect . Curcuma , turmeric , turmeric three drugs are the same medicine , all can relieve liver , gall bladder , lipid-lowering , often used in conjunction with Yin Chen . The commercially available Baijin Pills is made of turmeric and alum . They are Chinese patent medicines that relieve liver and gall bladder , lower lipid , and reduce phlegm and turbidity . Bupleurum Shugan Powder (Bupleurum , Citrus aurantium , Paeonia lactiflora , Licorice , Xiangfu , Chenpi ) can be used as a common prescription , with the addition and subtraction of symptoms . Cassia can clear the liver and eyesight , usually drink tea to drink , has the effect of reducing liver fat and reducing blood fat .

5 . Diuretic and dampness method

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that dampness can lead to phlegm , and water and moisture metabolism disorders are easy to mix with blood . Using diuretic infiltration method to reduce fat and lose weight is the most stable method . One patient suffered from obesity-induced hypertension and was instructed to eat winter melon porridge every day . Compendium of Materia Medica : Winter melon is beneficial to water and has a record of ” thin people are bogey ” . After eating the winter melon porridge , the patient increased urination every day , 5-6 times a day . A month later , I lost 5 kgs in weight and my blood pressured was stable . I was very happy . Winter melon seeds and winter melon skin can be decoction often served . Exactly waste utilization . Alisma is a commonly used medicine for diuresis and dampness . Recent studies have also shown a lipid-lowering effect . The roots of tea tree and corn must have diuretic power , and can be used as lipid-lowering medicine .

6 . Laxative laxative method

Obese people are mostly strong and strong . If they have constipation , they must use the laxative method to expel fat and dirt . Commonly used drugs are : Rhubarb is the main medicine for laxative laxatives , and the effect of reducing fat and losing weight is very fast . Polygonum cuspidatum medicine can both diarrhea and stasis , second only to rhubarb . Polygonum multiflora can nourish the blood and intestines , and those who are obese and those with constipation due to blood deficiency and intestinal dryness can be taken regularly . Commercially available Shouwubao is made from this medicine , which can not only lower blood fat , but also black hair black hair , but also has anti-aging and anti-aging effects .

Sanhua slimming tea sold in the market , the formula is mainly composed of laxative laxatives . After taking it , obese people will cause severe diarrhea , and then lose weight immediately . Most of the preparations of other kinds of slimming teas have laxatives . Gufangzhi Fuling Pills (ZinsHi , Pinellia , Poria , Glauber’s salt ) can slow down the phlegm and cure the numbness syndrome of fat people . Nearly used in obese people with hypertension patients with numb fingers , it does have a good effect .


(1 ) and stomach fat reduction method is started from the origin ; the method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is directly to its nest ; the method of wide chest and phlegm and the method of relieving liver and gall bladder is to improve the function of organs ; diuresis and diarrhea are the two methods Give a way to strengthen excretion .

(2 )Most of the six methods listed  are based on removing evil and turbidity . If you are obese and have a deficiency syndrome , you can cooperate with qi and blood , regulate yin and yang , benefit spleen and kidney and other drugs to support right qi , which is more beneficial to eliminate evil .

(3 ) . Rather than taking drugs to reduce fat and lose weight , it is better to eat less fatty meat . In particular , it is not advisable to overeat one meal at night , because at night , sleep and rest , less activity , it is easy to cause obesity . Buddhism is usually vegetarian , and has the commandment of ” no lunch ” , so most monks are lean and healthy , makes sense .

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