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Shocked the five major tricks on ” weight loss products ” promotion

Soak some leave in the water and say that you can lose weight , someone still buys it ! Such a hot market will naturally attract a large number of unscrupulous businessmen that have gone away . The various weight-loss products , which can be reduced , cannot be reduced , all play the banner of weight loss . Recently , an insider in the industry knows the five major tricks on illegal manufacturers in the weight loss market .

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Price high sell low

There are some weight loss products , the price is very high , the first day of listing is greatly discounted , and this will always be discounted , what is ” 10 yuan for weight loss verification ” , ” 30 yuan for weight loss experience ” , ” less than three yuan a day Money , one pound a day down ” and so on . As everyone knows , their cost is extremely low , and some big boxes even cost only one or two yuan . The high price tag is not for selling , just for you to see , and then use a substantial discount you buy .

Why is this gameplay uncomfortable ? Because people on earth now know that there is no weight loss product of the world that is suitable for all consumers . As long as the price is not too high , women will not feel any loss if they eat no effect , and they will not blame the manufacturers and complain about their own bodies . ” Not cooperating ” with this type of weight-loss products , so these two years of low-cost weight-loss products have been selling prosperously , deceived consumers repeatedly failed , tried to change . Experts said that these deliberate weight-loss products have some common features , that is , low technology content , either the use of drugs that have passed the patent protection period , or some ancient medicines , there is no new technology . Therefore , experts advise consumers to buy weight-loss products not only focus on price factors , there is no curative effect to ensure , no amount of money spent is wrong , and may also damage health .

Efficacy depends on ” taboo “

is only a price game , it is still a low-level game , some low-cost weight loss products play higher . These low-cost miscellaneous weight-loses products are difficult to guarantee , and can only be deceived for a while , and some manufacturers are brainstorming on pharmaceutical ingredients . They mix illegal drugs with weight-loss products . Their weight-loss effect is true , but it will cause great harmed to human health . The death of the Italian diet pills that took place last year was due to the fact that weighted loss products were mixed with prohibited ingredients . Since last year , my country has increased the management of weight loss products . At the end of last year , 8 types of weight loss products were cancelle and their sales stopped . However , the road is one foot tall and the devil is one foot tall . One situation is that the different batches of weight loss products have different ingredients , and they are very regular just after they are launched (naturally , there is no obvious effect ) . After the test , the second batch are adulterated with western medicine ; Local blending of drugs ; there is also a situation where weight-loss products do not contain prohibited ingredients , but are added to the gifts to avoid detection by the drug regulatory department .

Holding multiple batch numbers

The hordes of gold paneers that are pursuing gold in the sea of ”weight loss merchants themselves know that playing tricks in business and doping drugs alone , after all , cannot survive for a long time and is in danger of being seized at any time . But you have a good plan . I have had a wall ladder . Some ” savvy ” manufacturers generally hold three or four batches of weight loss products , or change soups without changing medicines , register a few more trademarks , and one is blocked or consumers . Seeing that the sale is no longer possible , immediately change in another one , and then sell new bottles of old wine .

Leaving the store and walking

Now there are two mains types of weight loss products , one is the weight-loss functional food of Wei Shi Jian , and the other is the weight loss medicine of the quasi-standard size . To become such two regular weight loss products , it must go through the national health department and the Food and Drug Administration In order to formally put on the counter for sale , it must have the experimental reports , enterprise standards , pharmacological inspection and approval certificates of relevant departments , etc . But how can some of the scattered food stalls withstood weight loss withstand so many tests , even if there are approvals for some of the food stalls , the procedures are incomplete , and this is lacking . According to a pharmacy manager in Dalian , in addition to the complete procedures of Qumei , Aoqu , Roche , Tingmei , Sanjiu and many other big brands , many weight loss products lack this . It stands to reason that such products cannot be sold through formal channels at all , but a few pharmacy owners are driven off by the relationship or interests . As a result , many weight-loss place with incomplete procedures have entered the formal channels , and even some weight-loss products whose batch numbers have been explicitly canceled have been mixed in with water and fish , making people difficult to distinguish .

Advertisement blown leather

” Advertisement blows the cowhide ” , this is a common trick commonly used by unscrupulous manufacturers . They don’t advertise what the product can do , but find out what consumers want to say , exaggerate the effect of weight loss , and do everything they can . We often see the words ” can lose 10 pounds of meat in 3 days ” , ” reduced by 5 centimeters as soon as you eat ” , and even more ” no diarrhea , no hunger , no anorexia , no fatigue , no diet , no exercise , no skinning ” , No pain , quick results , no rebound . ” I can’t wait to say that it is a secret recipe taught by God , an absolutely perfect product . If you lose 5 centimeters after eating it once , you can’t use it three times or five times .

However , there is indeed a general problem of losing weight among consumers . Experts remind that fat does not grow up in a day or two , and weight loss should also have a scientific and reasonable degree . If it is not fooled , first of all , consumers must have a scientific weight loss attitude .

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