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Seven weight loss methods on behalf of stars

According to the survey, the thin female stars often mention that they want to lose weight, so what does the star lose weight? Do you often go to Taobao to find the best weight loss pills? In fact, not only, they also have their own set of weight loss methods, let the editor recommend the seven weight loss methods on behalf of the stars:

Fan Wenfang Rope Shaping

Fan Wenfang, who likes to taste food very much, reminds herself to be careful all the time, but she still can’t resist the temptation, so as long as she eats more, she will definitely skip the rope 300 times, and she will always carry a pair of skipping ropes with her every day. jobs. She revealed that this pair of skipping ropes is not only for skipping, but also for lifting weights. She further emphasized that since skipping rope is a whole-body exercise, it is absolutely effective to keep in shape.

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Lin Xinru’s “Mineral Water Dumbbell”

Among Lin Xinru’s many weight loss methods, the most special one is to use mineral water as a dumbbell to lose weight. Lifting about 100 times a day can make your arms slim and you can see the effect in two weeks. Upon hearing this statement, Lin Xinru doubted the letter, and later found that the “mineral water dumbbell” lifted 20 times, and his arm was sore. But be sure to remember that it is best not to exceed 150 times a day, otherwise the effect may be reversed.

Rosemary exercise to lose weight

The mixed-race Rosemary has done considerable hard work in maintaining bodybuilding. She does not eat high-starch foods, only low-salt, low-sugar, low-oil foods. Every morning she also insists on doing 2 hours of exercise, including sit-ups, weightlifting, running, etc., and will add weights to her arms during exercise to make her body lines more beautiful.

Yang Caini Salad Queen

Yang Caini, who retired from the scene and concentrated on being a woman, said that she would not deliberately lose weight, but sometimes she would eat salad for a week (usually Caesar salad), or patronize Japanese food for a week; She also avoids irritating snacks and sweets, and mixes a lot of fruits; of course, there are 8 big glasses of water every day!

Fu Juan stay away from sweets

Fu Juan, who has a daughter, how can she recover her body in a short time after delivery? In fact, it was very easy to put it bluntly. That is: never eat any sweets.

Chen Meifeng fasting method

The figure is always exquisite and enviable, Chen Meifeng is actually one of the enthusiastic members of various ways to lose weight and shape. She claimed that after trying too many weight-loss methods, the most effective and best for herself is the 7-day fasting method. What is the 7-day fasting method? Every 3 to 4 months, under the guidance of a specialist doctor (the specialist doctor has repeatedly emphasized that it is absolutely necessary, because when you are physically exhausted, the doctor can do immediate treatment or adjustment). For the 7-day fasting method that does not eat at all, in addition to replenishing water as usual, only drink liquid nutrients specially formulated by the physician to keep the body in a basic normal state. After 7 days, the daily diet cannot be resumed immediately, because the body’s cells are unacceptable or overabsorbed after a few days of fasting, which may lead to a loss of results. Therefore, we should first use “cut off pills” as a buffer. Afterwards, we can gradually start recovering food intake in the past from a small amount. This way she can weigh at least 3 to 4 kg.

Zhu Yin Bodybuilding Method

Zhu Yin has no special plans for bodybuilding. On weekdays, she will only do soft gymnastics or lift dumbbells at home, and will not eat greasy food and snacks.

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