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Secret slimming body slimming trick: embedding weight loss

Is there a weight loss method that allows us not to exercise, not to diet, not to run the weight loss home in three days, and can lose weight in a short time? You may think this is whimsical, but in fact, this kind of There are ways, this is the legend-embedding weight loss. Perhaps most beautiful women are relatively unfamiliar with embedding weight loss. Let me introduce you to this most amazing and fast weight loss method.

1. The principle of embedding weight loss

The method of embedding weight loss and embedding method originated from the acupuncture embedding method in the 1960s. In fact, it is an extension and development of acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss. It is an improved acupuncture. First, according to the individual’s different obesity symptoms and obesity mechanisms, select points reasonably and effectively, and then embed protein magnetization lines at the corresponding points (the lines are naturally dissolved and absorbed in the body for 15 days to 3 months). Continuous and effective stimulation to clear meridians, adjust endocrine, and control appetite to achieve weight loss. Of course, compared with the high frequency of acupuncture to lose weight 3 times a week, embedding thread only needs to be buried once every 15 days, which is obviously more suitable for urban white-collar workers who are worried and want to lose weight.

Slimming Fast Ways:

The function of acupoint embedding on body weight is reflected in the following two aspects. First of all, embedding can suppress appetite and fundamentally control calorie intake; at the same time, this method can also inhibit the digestion and absorption of food by the stomach and intestines. The energy converted into fat is directly consumed, thereby reducing energy intake; on the other hand, it can also stimulate the dull sympathetic nerve to make it active, increase energy consumption, and accelerate the decomposition of fat in the body. With reduced intake and increased consumption, you will of course lose weight. Acupoint embedding is different from other quick-acting weight loss methods. It loses body fat instead of water, and in the process of weight loss, there will be no lack of energy and malnutrition. This is the biggest advantage of acupoint embedding.

2. Embedding weight loss Q&A

1. Is embarrassing weight loss painful?

The process of embedding a thread to lose weight is not as terrifying as the name sounds. Although it is to embed the “thread” into the body, it does not require surgery. The whole process is like an injection. The doctor will use a special needle to inject the protein thread into your acupuncture point. The entire process of thread embedding takes only 15 minutes. There is only a small pinhole on the surface of the skin, which can heal quickly. Although the pain varies from person to person, on the whole, it is small and there will be a sore sensation of acupuncture. ease.

2. Is embedding weight loss safe?

Many netizens may worry about the hidden safety of thread embedding, because after all, it is an invasive treatment method, worrying that the thread buried in the body will cause harm to the body. In fact, the embedding thread uses “protein thread” instead of the ordinary gut thread. This protein thread can be directly embedded under the skin, and will be gradually absorbed by the body after 15 days to 3 months, and will not remain in the body and cause harm to the human body.

In addition, regarding the infection problem that many people worry about, this should be paid special attention to. Now regular domestic hospitals all advocate “one person, one needle”, and the used steel needles must be sterilized by professional high-pressure real gas sterilization. Therefore, it is recommended that netizens choose regular large hospitals to embed acupuncture points, rather than go to some individual small beauty salons for embedding to lose weight.

3. Is embedding weight loss really effective? How long can it take effect?

Judging from the evaluation of many netizens after trying, some effects are quite obvious, but some people find that the effect is not great. Embedding weight loss mainly has a better effect on simple obesity and people with a higher degree of obesity, that is, the more fat people may harvest, the better the effect. Usually 3 to 5 times of embedding weight loss is a course of treatment, each interval takes 15 to 20 days, usually one to two times to see the weight loss effect, a course of weight loss can be 6 to 10 pounds, waist circumference, hip circumference, leg circumference It will also shrink significantly.

4. Will embedding weight loss rebound?

Because the process of embedding acupoints is a comprehensive adjustment through the meridian system, mobilizing the internal adjustment function of the human body to promote the process of achieving a balanced metabolism, so it will not rebound quickly after stopping. But embedding acupuncture points to lose weight is also a gradual process, so after losing weight, you can’t do it once and for all. You still have to continue to consolidate the effect of weight loss through other methods.

5. In what season would it be better to do acupoint embedding to lose weight?

Acupuncture point embedding to lose weight is better in summer, because the summer weather is hot, most people’s energy intake will be reduced in this season, and with certain exercise, it will consume more calories than other seasons, so embedding thread in summer The effect of weight loss is the best.

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