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Save your waistline, how to lose weight

I want to wear a bikini , but look at the layers of fat on my belly , helpless and disappointed , save your little waist , follow the steps below , you will have unexpected results .

The easiest way to thin waists : Button burning fat is crazy

What do you think is the contribution of a button ? Embellishment , occlusion , nothing more ? No It is the main player with an extraordinary effect of thin waists ! The button can quickly rise in the thin waist world , and I would like to thank the belly of Korean sexy singers Cai Yan Slimming trick !

In the early morning , take a standing posture , relax the whole body , maintain a deep breathing state , and clamp a button with the navel . At this time , the abdomen should continue to exert force to ensure that the button will not fall . This simple slimming action detoxifies the thin abdomen and accelerates burning . In addition , there is also the effect of enhancing gastrointestinal function and preventing constipation , and the lower abdomen naturally sags quickly . But it should be not that the button is best not to choose a square shape , and to keep the surface smooth , to avoid damage to the abdomen skin .

Flat lying abdominal exercise

Lie flat on the ground or bed , raise your legs together , at about 45 degrees to the ground , with your hands behind your head , use your abdominal power to lift your head and shoulders , and at the same time , your legs close together to make the head Touch your knees as much as possible . This action can effectively eliminate abdominal fat and tighten the muscles of the upper and lower abdomens / an abdomen / the abdomen .

Health massages for thin belly

(1 ) . Rubbing the abdomen : sit or sleep on the bed , relax the abdomen , palms overlap , push and rub the abdomen with a slight soreness , about 3 minutes , then rotate the abdomen clockwise , about 3 minutes .

(2 ) . Massage the thyroid gland : The thyroid gland is located on both sides with the larynx node and is a soft glandular tissue . After getting up every morning , gently massage and knead for about 2 minutes each time . keep working out

Recommended diet and weight loss products of thin bellies :

Preferred weight loss product : L-carnitine

Slimming foods : Soybeans and soybeans can be eaten by boiled directly , or ingested by soymilk , tofu , etc . If you can continue to eat every day as much as possible , it can play a role in maintaining a certain level of the body’s linked lipoxin .

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