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Weight Loss / Losing weight drugs / L-carnitine weight loss / Regarding which brand of L-carnitine is good, which side effects and which weight loss pills are good for weight loss?

Regarding which brand of L-carnitine is good, which side effects and which weight loss pills are good for weight loss?

With the arrival of summer , the crushes started to try their best to make themselves thinner and thinner . The secret weapon for crushers to lose weight fast are weight loss products . The most popular weight loss product this summer is L-carnitine . Because it is a pure natural weight loss product , it is the most suitable for the concept of green weight loss for urbanites . So whether it is a counter to weight loss products of pharmacies Or on the official website of L-carnitine , L-carnitine is always placed in the most prominent position , so which brand of L-carnitine is good , is it useful and how much do you know about the side effects of L-carnitine ?

Is L-carnitine useful ? The main principle of L-carnitine weight loss are to transfer excess body fat to the mitochondria for decomposition and burning . Weight loss experts use a very vivid analogy . L-carnitine is like a big truck that transports fat . If there is no L-carnitine , no matter how you diet or exercise but many long-chains fatty acids still cannot reach the mitochondria , this will cause fat accumulation and eventually obesity . Therefore , L-carnitine has a very positive effect on our weight loss . However , L-carnitine is not as good as some illegal businesses say . Sleep can also be reduced . After all , L-carnitine is not a magic drug . If you want to achieve the best weight loss effect after taking L-carnitine , you need to take ten daily A few minutes of aerobic exercise , and a reasonable diet .

Which brands of L-carnitine is good ? With the popularity of L-carnitine , the brand of L-carnitine can also be described as a mixture of fish and dragons . Which brand of L-carnitine is better ? First of all , you need to identify the authentic L-carnitine approved by the FDA , how to distinguish the authentic L-carnitine ? We can see if the product has a health care product label , the health care product approval number should have the words ” National Food Health Word : ” and can be inquired on the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration . Without the approval number of the FDA , the editor of the most effective weight loss drugs list can be sure that you are buying fake and inferior weight loss products . What harm does take fake L-carnitine does to us ? A series of adverse reactions such as diarrhea and dizziness will occur when weight loss people mistakenly consume fake and inferior products . Secondly , when you choose which brands of L-carnitine is good , you should compare the effects of the premise of the side effects of L-carnitine . If you are only looking for weight loss effects , it is terrible . It is likely that you are using weight loss pills that cause serious harm to the body . Although you see the effect of weight loss , your future body is slowly being eroded .

What is the side effects of L-carnitine ? Natural high-purity L-carnitine is reported to have no side effects of L-carnitine . It has been reported that scientists have concluded from a large number of studies : during high-dose treatment of 15g/day , almost no side effects of L-carnitine occur . In 1993 , the U#S# Food and Drug Administration Committee of Experts considered that L-carnitine was ” recognized as safe and non-toxic ” . However , if you buy chemically synthesized L-carnitine , there will be side effects , because chemically synthesized L-carnitine often contains D-carnitine , which can cause serious toxic side effects on the human body .

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