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Record interval steps and take a “healthy weight loss” every day

Recently , Omron Healthcare (China ) . Co , Ltd . launched the Walking Style series of new electronic pedometer HJ-204 . This pedometer has more technological functions , allowing more people to intuitively feel the health changes brought by scientific walking , especially to help young and middle-aged workers that are busy working , let them manage the walking movement by using pedometer To be more effective .

Experts pointed out : The health benefits of walking are beyond doubt . In recent years , with the changes in people’s eating habits , as well as the improvement of vehicle automation and work mechanization , there are fewer and fewer opportunities for physical activity , lifestyle habits (obesity , hypertension , hyperlipidemia , hyperglycemia , cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases ) ) . The incidence rate is also getting higher and higher . According to the survey , 1 out of 5 adults across the country suffer from ” life-style diseases .” . The study found that the biggest cause of many lifestyle habits is obesity and lack of exercise . Typically , young and middle-aged white-collar workers are busy with work and socializing , and often live a high-calorie , high-fat , stay up late , and low exercise . A large amount of fat is difficult to consume , and layers are accumulated in the body , causing more and more people to become fat , high blood pressure , high blood lipids , and even a huge risk of cardiovascular hidden ! Experts call : Let us moves Get up and consume the remaining dangerous fat every day . Walking is considered the most effective way . Clinical medicine shows that insisting on walking 3 to 5 times a week for about 30 minutes can not only reduce excess body fat , but also prevent ischemic heart disease caused by lack of exercise , effectively prevent and improve high Diseases of blood pressure and hyperlipidemia . In addition , the calories it consumes can also reduce the workload of islet’s and effectively prevent the occurrence of hyperglycemia .

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Although walking is considered to be the simplest exercise , it is not possible to consume calories at any speed , and how long it takes is good for health . However , relying on your own steps can’t grasp the scientific walking intensity and walking goals . In many cases , blindly walked for a long time , but found that it has no meaning for health promotion . Moreover , the monotonous walking will make the walkers feel bored . They will not see their own sports results in the short term , and they will have little confidence to persevere . In recent years , in Europe , America and Japan , the ” trainer-style ” health walking management tool of electronic pedometer is very popular . When you walk every day , bring an electronic pedometer . It can not only accurately display the number of steps and time while walking , but also Real-time control of calorie consumption and fat burning during walking allows walkers to get rid of fat more accurately and get rid of various potential health risks , effectively control walking effects , and make health management more confident and easier . Dr. Dana Bravat of Stanford University analyzed the results of pedometer experiments from the United States , Canada , Japan , Australia and Europe , and found that in a sample of nearly 3,000 people , the amount of exercise of pedometer users increased on average 27% , Weight loss generally . At the same time , their blood pressure also fell to the normal range , and the risk of sudden heart attack and stroke was significantly reduced . In the accompanying recommendations , the ” Eating Guide to American Citizens ” urged American citizens to purchase a pedometer , walk at least 8,000 steps a day , and spend 20 minutes to watch walking and other sports during watching TV after dinner . In early September 2007 , the Ministry of Health of my country also issued a healthy lifestyle initiative to the people of the whole country , proposing the slogan ” Ten thousand steps a day , eating and moving balanced , healthy for a lifetime ” .

pedometer is really not small . Take Omron HJ-204 electronic pedometer as an example . It can not only accurately record the walking time and steps of the walker , but also clearly display the calories (calories ) consumed by the walker through walking and the amount of fat burnt on the large screen , allowing each walker to achieve ” Sense ” in health keeps striding forward . At the same time , Omron pedometer HJ-204 also has a very user-friendly ” interval step count ” function . Generally , the pedometer can only see the walking data onto the whole day , from morning to night , and the HJ-204 type can be accurate to record the number of walking steps , time , calories burned , and fat burned in a certain walking section of daily life . And other data . Let users know that every step and every step they take has made a ” contribution ” to health , and they are more confident to persevere with walking . The introduction to the ” interval step ” functions has met the needs of many white-collar workers that usually work busy and have little spare time but pursue health . This function can record the number of walks and calories burned and fat burned by white-collar workers in different sections every day , such as walking from home to subway at work , walking from company to restaurant at noon , and walking from home to supermarket after getting off work . Understand whether it is scientific to walk in these zones ? Do you consume enough calories ? By increasing your walking speed , standardizing walking postures , and appropriately extending walking distance , you can get a greater exercise effect of each zone . Let yourself to burn more fatter in the ” less ” walking zone every day .

It is also known that the HJ-204 electronic pedometer launched by Omron in addition to continuing the brand’s innovation in science and technology , its fashionable features also makes many white-collar workers feel super ” hyun ” . Needless to say , the exquisite and compact appearance , large LCD screen , and more advanced 2D sensing technology enables the pedometer to be placed in the accompanying bag , pocket , or even hung around the neck to obtain accurate monitoring data .

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