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Recommended Chinese medicine for weight loss: Eucommia Slimming Tea

Eucommia is a unique medicinal material in China . It has a long history of medicinal use and has a wide range of clinical applications . Eucommia ulmo ides also has a very good effect on weight loss . Today , the editor will introduce to you the traditional Chinese medicine weight loss formula : eucommia ulmo ides tea .

The analysis results of the basic and clinical pharmacology of Eucommia ulmo ides are as follows :

1 . Anti-lipid peroxidation .

Anti-aging effect : gavage with Eucommia tea water can obviously remove free radicals of cells and prevent cell membranes from oxidizing and aging ; rich in vitamin E , can anti-aging , soften blood vessels , and adjust cellular immunity ;

2 . Antihypertensive effect :

Eucommia tea contains the anti hypertensive medicinal ingredient-β-D-glucoside , and the alkaloids , aucuba , and chlorogenic acid in the tea aqueous solution have different degrees of anti hypertensive effect ;

3 . Liver protection :

Eucommia tea can promote the accumulation of liver glycogen , increase blood sugar content , and protect the liver ;

4 . Facilitate urine :

Geniposide acid and aucuba of Eucommia ulmo ides have a venting effect and have special effects in treating constipation . It can speed up the transfer and elimination of uric acid , and there is no ” rapid tolerance ” phenomenon . Eucommia contains 0.4% potassium , which is also good for diuresis .

5 . Weight loss effect :

Japanese human trials have proved that taking Eucommia for more than one month can significantly reduce the neutral fat and content of the human body under the skin and around the internal organs , play the role of not exercising , not changing the diet , preventing obesity and losing weight . Japan’s Takahashi Zhouqi has confirmed through animal experiments on white mice , chickens and rabbits that long-term use of Eucommia ulmo ides can eliminate neutral fat in the body and produce weight loss effects . The main reason are that Eucommia ulmo ides can promote the metabolism of collagen protein , which has the function of connecting cells and cells , and accelerate the synthesis of other proteins , consume energy in the body , thereby naturally reduces the accumulation of neutral fat in the body .

The folk prescription of Eucommia for weight loss

Formula : 6 grams of Eucommia ulmo ides , appropriate amount of green tea .

Usage : grind the powder of eucommia ulmo ides , take it with green tea water , and drink after cool about summer . When you need to sleep quickly , increase the concentration of the drink .

The best time to drink

  • 1 . Drink it half an hour before meals every day , and drink it after an hour after meals .
  • 2 . Pay attention to drinking on an empty stomach , especially drinking a cup of strong eucommia tea before going to bed .
  • 3 . The daily dosage of Eucommia ulmo ides tea needs about 15 grams , which can be divided into 3 times .

Specific brewing can be done as follows : Make a cup of eucommia tea every day before going to bed , the amount can be 5-10 grams , first drink a small amount , wait for the body to adapt slowly , and then gradually increase the amount , in order to not afford the night .

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