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Recommend 20 kinds of super popular healthy weight loss food

It is important to choose what to eat in the process of weight loss , because some of the people that lose weight choose sports to lose weight , dieting and so on , but no matter which weight loss method must pay attention to the factors of eating . Eating well or not will directly affect the effect of weight loss and the health of the body .

What to eat to lose weight is both healthy and fasts to lose weight ? When you lose weight , choosing healthy weight loss foods will allow you to easily lose weight while eating . The following editors will recommend 20 super popular healthy weight loss foods for you and teach you what to eat to lose weight .


Grapefruit has extremely high water content and a large amount of acidic substances , which can help increase the digestive juice in the body to stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote digestion . Drinking grapefruit juice every day , in addition to the purpose of weight loss , can also reduce Cholesterol is the best food for weight loss patients with cardiovascular disease . (Elderly women that consume more than one-quarter of a grapefruit daily may increase their chances of breast cancer by 30% . Eat with caution ! ) .


Flammulina velutipes , mushrooms , straw mushrooms , shiitake mushrooms and other mushrooms are low-fat , high-fiber and protein-rich foods , which can promote gastrointestinal motility , reduce constipation , inhibit cholesterol , increase satiety , and help reduce The intake of fat achieving the effect of weight loss .


regardless of red or yellow tomatoes , they are currently the most popular weight-loss vegetables and fruits , especially yellow tomatoes , which have the characteristics of high vitamin c content and low sugar . After eating , it will increase satiety and reduce the intake of other calories . It is suitable for mouth . Greedy as a snack . And the fiber contained in tomatoes can also promote gastrointestinal motility , digestion , help metabolism , and achieve the effect of weight loss .


The water contents in cucumber is about 98% , and the rest of the human body needs very little nutrient content . Even so , cucumber contains propanedioic acid , which can inhibit the conversion to sugar into fat , and has the effect of preventing obesity . The cellulose and vitamins b and c contained in cucumber also have the effects of promoting intestinal metabolism and lowering cholesterol .

Winter melon

Winter melon contains vitamins b1 , b2 , c and calcium , phosphorus , iron and other nutrients , which can prevent the conversion to starch and sugar into fat . Also because it is rich in cellulose , it has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification , diminishing water and swelling , quenching thirst , laxative , relieve boredom , etc , can reduce fire and clear stomach , reduce food intake. So it is a holy product of weight loss .


ginger is very popular recently . Many weight loss products contain ginger ingredients , and people who have used it react well . The reason is that the gingerale contained in ginger can promote blood circulation , expel cold , sweat and metabolize calories . , Improve , improve stomach and intestines , ventilation and blood circulation , diuretic swelling and other effects , so whether you take ginger into the dish or drink ginger juice , or even use ginger juice bath , can achieve the purpose of weight loss .


radish tastes sweet and low like calories , and it is easy to produce satiety after eating . It can reduce eating and more foods . Plus rich in multiple vitamins and trace elements , it can promote gastrointestinal motility , help metabolism , and avoid fat accumulation Under the skin , it helps to show the effect of weight loss .


Apple flavor is sweet , slightly acidic , rich in vitamins a , c , e , glucose , pectin , protein , dietary fiber and other nutrients . Chewing slowly can increase satiety , thereby reducing the intake of other calories , and low in sodium It also has cholesterol-free characteristics , so that anyone can eat it , and even eating a meal will not reduce health . It is the favorite of many weight loss people .


Celery tastes fragrant , sweet and cool . It is a low-calorie vegetable . It is rich in moisture and vitamin c , b1 , b2 , carotene , protein and other nutrients . It has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids . It helps digestion and promotes metabolism to prevent obesity .


Papaya contains vitamins a , c , glucose and calcium , phosphorus , iron and other minerals , which can help digestion , remove stools , and achieve the purpose of thin upper abdomen . In addition , papaya itself contains unique proteolytic enzymes , which have a strong ability to break with / for fat , which can improve obesity .


Amorphophallus konjac contains crude protein , sugar and rich cellulose in addition to the component of ” water ” . It does not contain any calories , and it can also produce satiety . It is often used as a staple food for slimming meals . And konjac is not decomposed by human enzymes , . So it will not be digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract , and can be directly excreted from the body ; in addition , konjac contains a soluble fiber , which can help gastrointestinal motility , prevent constipation , and improve the bulge of the abdomen .

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are low-fat , low-sugar foods , rich in crude fiber , which can promote gastrointestinal motility and help digestion . It is suitable for people suffering from constipation for a long time . In addition , it also has the effects of reducing water swelling , lowering cholesterol , etc , can improve high blood pressure , obesity and other phenomena , is a very good weight loss food . Remind you that people with stomach ulcers should not eat more .

Green tea

green tea is untreated tea with fresh and pleasant aroma . There are also green tea powder refined from ground tea , which is rich in vitamin c , theine , irritation* and a large amount of antioxidants . Cancer , prevent skin aging , alleviate high blood pressure , diabetes , heat and heat , beauty , digestion and other effects . The tea itself does not contain calories . After drinking , it can reduce the accumulation of fat cells , remove fatalities , and achieve the effect of intestinal rejuvenation and fat loss .

Fruit vinegar

Vinegar itself contains amino acids that can consume body fat , so drinking more vinegar can intestine , clear the stool , adjust the body’s pH value , and achieve weight loss . For those who want to lose weight with vinegar , it is recommended to choosing natural brewed vinegar . Many flavors of fruit vinegar on the market , like apple cider vinegar , can increase basic metabolism , reduce fat accumulation , and reduce cholesterol , improve constipation , and achieve weight loss .


kelp is one of the marine plants . It is a diet food with very low calorie . The kelp contains a small amount of protein , fat , and rich iodine , manna and trace elements . It has the function of stimulating the intestinal wall and promoting digestion of the gastrointestinal tract . Constipation , eliminate fat and cholesterol to achieve weight loss . In addition , kelp has the effect of improving diseases such as obesity , edema , and goiter , and it is one of the foods recommended by even doctors to lose weight .


plums are rich in calcium , magnesium , iron , potassium , sodium and other minerals as well as citric acid and organic acids . Among them , citric acid can promote the metabolism of the human body and help the digestive organs to be active , thus achieve intestinal tracts , stomach , digestion , and health Thirst quenching and other functions .


Honey is a natural nutrient . It contains vitamins c , b , as well as iron , potassium , lead , calcium and other minerals . Its main nutrient is sugaring that can burn human energy . Because honey has the effects of sterilization , detoxification , and moisturizing , it helps to expel waste from the body , burn excess fat , improve body metabolism , and then achieve weight loss .


Yogurt contains protein , lactose , calcium , minerals , lactic acid bacteria and vitamins a , d , and b groups . Among them , lactic acid bacteria can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation . When choosing yoghurt , it is better to use sugar-free , and preferably low-fat plain yogurt , in order to effectively achieve weight loss . It is recommended to drinking on an empty stomach before meals , in addition to reducing muscle hunger , but also to accelerate the metabolism of waste and toxins in the body .


Tofu is a diet food with high nutrition , high protein , high mineral content and low fat . Because of its low calories , it can also increase satiety , reduce the intake of other foods , and can be completely digested ; coupled with rich trace elements in tofu , it can promote hormone secretion and metabolism , thereby achieving weight loss and lowering cholesterol Efficacy .


Lemon is a kind of fruit rich in vitamin C , not only has whitening effect , but also has weight loss effect . Because citric acid in lemon can promote calorie metabolism and increase intestinal motility , and lemonade also has the effect of quenching thirst and inhibiting improper diet , it has always been regarded as a good weight loss product .

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