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Recognize the seven misunderstandings, Effective weight loss is the most powerful

As long as a woman talks about weight loss , it is like a man talking about being a soldier . There are a lot of unforgettable stories . There are many ways to tell everyone today , that is to say , they naturally lose weight . Some people don’t eat or drink for a week , they can’t lose weight even after one kilogram , and some people don’t lose weight after a long day of exercise . Today’s theme is that healthy diet and proper exercise will lose weight .

Misunderstanding 1 : The red wine slimming method reported on the Internet or in the news is to shape your body .

Red wine weight loss method It uses the cheese plus red wine . It says that the doctor said to eat a piece of cheese before going to bed , and then mix with 20cc of red wine . Because my body temperature is lowered while we sleep , the metabolism will also be lowered . If we use this kind of red wine , the whole body will be warmed up and the metabolism will be accelerated . Drink it slowly with a small medicine cup 30 minutes before bed every day .

Analysis : A small amount of alcohol makes the body produce heat energy and promote metabolism .

Misunderstanding 2 : Do hot yoga to lose weight

I heard that doing hot yoga can shape your body and make you thin . After doing it , you really feel thinner after sweating and your waist becomes thinner .

Analysis : It may not be fat or moisture that is lost in the waistline , because the environment inside is too hot and the temperature inside is also very high , at least it is also very hot above 32 degrees . In that case , the water in the body is actually excreted , Not fatty oil .

Misunderstanding 3 : A popular aerobic exercise in high calorie consumption

Analysis : The flywheel is to add more cardiopulmonary function , because he has been running and steppe on and off , . So he is very tired and tired . Don’t sit on the chair all the time , you need to get up regularly to soothe the muscles and avoid injury . This exercise is very good and consumes a lot of calories , but you must remember to do some warm-up and stretching after finishing this exercise .

Misunderstanding 4 : Ways to lose weight during supper

It is eaten with all meals , but two hours before going to bed at night , you need to eat hard boiled eggs and then meat , and then nut and chrysanthemum tea , which promote metabolism and growth hormone .

Analysis : Selecting the right amount of protein can increase calorie consumption . Choose white meat or foods with high protein content . The standard should be 100 grams . This method is suitable for people that can’t bear hunger for eating at night . There are good oils in nuts . Use this good oil to replace bad oils in your body . Although it is necessary to formulate different body shaping methods according to each physique .

Misunderstanding 5 : Induce vomiting and lose weight

After eating the delicious food , there was a sense of guilt and then started to spit it out . At first , it was very dry and could not spit out . Later , I drank some corn soup , lubricant , milk tea , soy milk and rice milk .

Analysis : Evomiting is easy to leave sequelae , and the esophagus is easy to be injured . Our stomach has a high acidity , the ph value is equal to about 1 , the mucous membrane of the stomach is acid-resistant , but the esophagus is sticky and not acid-resistant , so the stomach acid is easily burned when it reaches the esophagus Long-term burns are easy to become cancerous and cause inflammation of the larynx , and tooth decay is likely to occur after the outer enamel of the teeth is damaged . After vomiting , I still feel very hungry , . So it makes no sense at all .

Misunderstanding 6 : Two glasses of water before meals is the most effective for weight loss

Drink two glasses of water before eating to achieve weight loss .

Analysis : Drinking soup before a meal will make your stomach feel full , you can choose scalded vegetables before eating , because vegetables have the lowest calories .

Misunderstanding seven : get up early to eat three spoonfuls of coffee grounds

Drink three spoons of coffee grounds in the morning , because it can remove water and oil inside , and can also be used to add water to the outside , and soak in the bathtub to exfoliate .

Analysis : Filling the stomach with coffee grounds , coffee grounds strong alkali , easy to burn the stomach and stomach , can cause stomach ulcers or stomach bleeding , . So it will be thin . It will also reduce the digestive capacity , so that the food you eat later will be absorbed less , and the immunity will be reduced .

Everyone must abide by the following weight loss rules :

1 . Sleep normally for 7 hours .

2 . Breakfast must be eaten , the amount is not limited , it must be eaten before 8 o’clock .

3 . Halve the portion of Chinese food , and do not consume starch in dinner .

Three principles of movement :

1 . Cardiopulmonary function requires 130 beats per minute .

2 . The movement needs to be combined with chest , abdomen , arm and leg movements .

3 . Time is the time of daily exercise no less than 40 minutes .

If you can achieve these points and exercise , you will slowly lose weight .

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